24 September, 2010

Reality to memories.

Goodbye Final Exam #1 ; Goodbye Trimester 1!

Picture: My darling handmade Gggiraffe bookmark,
picture source from Toy'R'Us =P

But things that have passed couldn't be rewinded );
Just in one week, I have missed tonnes of events and fun with the people!
To list out some:
  • Shannon Chow's 20th Birthday Party @ 14/09
  • Project 1609 @ 15/09
  • Sakai's birthday celebration @ 15/09
  • Wendy & Fiona's Farewell @ 16/09
  • YEAH! MoonCake Celebration Night @ 18/09
  • 暮光之月九校中秋嘉年华 Nine School Mid Autumn Festival @ 18/09

I didn't know such a tiny exam costs me this much.
What a high opportunity cost (P/S: Gah, just couldn't get rid of Economics!)

My very first Trimester has come to an end; And these are my darling besties ;D There are more actually, but just didn't have a pretty group picture at the moment. Will show you guys next time.

Anyway, it's HOLIDAE ;D
Happy holiday to me, and all of you!


  1. haha, nice bookmark, you can make more n sell it edy. haha. happy holiday to you!

  2. How nice, you can enjoy your holiday already. D: I'm having term end examinations next week.

  3. you are so beautifull ...

    I Like the First and the last from your photo.....

  4. enjoy ur holidays...ur school so fast holiday..why mine so slow? haiz

  5. enjoy ur holidays...ur school so fast holiday..why mine so slow? haiz

  6. time flies very fast rite? finish one sem ady...good luck in ur next sem! XD

  7. u missed the sing k session too! XD

  8. Prettie! Long time i dun visit your site already!=D

  9. @Elvin, you buy ALL from me k? xD

    @Jiamin, exam will be over soon, no worries!

    @Azis, hey thanks!

    @Lydia, LOL same school isnt it? but final for degree students are is longer (;

    @shazat, it was very enjoyable rite? x)

    @Magdalene, you too ;D!

    @Henry, that one not counted la ;X i can go one, just that i have no transport.

    @Haw, arigatou!

    @Jac, long time no see );

  10. Ah, what is trisemester? 3 months you meant? Hehe. urgh I sucks at economics! Kudos to you :)

  11. No transport can ask someone from his gang to fetch ma :)


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