24 September, 2010

Reality to memories.

Goodbye Final Exam #1 ; Goodbye Trimester 1!

Picture: My darling handmade Gggiraffe bookmark,
picture source from Toy'R'Us =P

But things that have passed couldn't be rewinded );
Just in one week, I have missed tonnes of events and fun with the people!
To list out some:
  • Shannon Chow's 20th Birthday Party @ 14/09
  • Project 1609 @ 15/09
  • Sakai's birthday celebration @ 15/09
  • Wendy & Fiona's Farewell @ 16/09
  • YEAH! MoonCake Celebration Night @ 18/09
  • 暮光之月九校中秋嘉年华 Nine School Mid Autumn Festival @ 18/09

I didn't know such a tiny exam costs me this much.
What a high opportunity cost (P/S: Gah, just couldn't get rid of Economics!)

My very first Trimester has come to an end; And these are my darling besties ;D There are more actually, but just didn't have a pretty group picture at the moment. Will show you guys next time.

Anyway, it's HOLIDAE ;D
Happy holiday to me, and all of you!
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