20 September, 2010

Of heaven of food, and hell of exam

Hello from Sakae Sushi!

It’s a blue delightful Monday and I’m just back from a fantastic lunch there. After a whole night drooling at the hostel, I thought of heaven when having this meal ;D

My main course --- Seafood Set @ RM 24.90
It comes along with Miso soup, Japanese potato and a bowl of rice.

Feel the freshness here ;)

Do you know?
Sakae’s salmon is air flown from Norway daily!
That’s why I fall in love with their sushi here (;

Kimchi Ramen; Suitable for Hot-and-Spicy lover!

Kimuchi Ramen @ RM19.90

But today my fish roe isn’t available again );

Think Sushi, Think Sakae.

Am having finals this week, thanks Mama for this nice meal! ;D
And of course, tags will be replied on this coming Friday!

After Friday, I am F-R-E-E-d from Trimester 1!
Awww… it is only the first trimester after all = =
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