20 September, 2010

Of heaven of food, and hell of exam

Hello from Sakae Sushi!

It’s a blue delightful Monday and I’m just back from a fantastic lunch there. After a whole night drooling at the hostel, I thought of heaven when having this meal ;D

My main course --- Seafood Set @ RM 24.90
It comes along with Miso soup, Japanese potato and a bowl of rice.

Feel the freshness here ;)

Do you know?
Sakae’s salmon is air flown from Norway daily!
That’s why I fall in love with their sushi here (;

Kimchi Ramen; Suitable for Hot-and-Spicy lover!

Kimuchi Ramen @ RM19.90

But today my fish roe isn’t available again );

Think Sushi, Think Sakae.

Am having finals this week, thanks Mama for this nice meal! ;D
And of course, tags will be replied on this coming Friday!

After Friday, I am F-R-E-E-d from Trimester 1!
Awww… it is only the first trimester after all = =


  1. all the best in your final! ;)

    looking at the sushi reminds me of the time when me and my friends made sushi every weekend. was fun. hahhaa

  2. Sakae...eat until vomit coz my mum works there haha XD

    Good luck on the exams:)

  3. Looking at ur picca always make me feel hungry lol

  4. I like Sakae too, only I don't take the pricier alternatives -sob-

  5. damn hungry la now ;( I've never tried Sakae before, will go try out soon ! :D

  6. wow...looks delicious~ but sadly i dun really eat Japanese food...cos i dun like the taste of raw food...LOL anyway i love Ramen!! XD

  7. arg! hahaha. really can't stand coming back and look at the pictures. hahaha.

  8. seriously , i hate sakae sushi. damn expensive n the portion only enough for kids. =.=

  9. I wonder how you macro-zoom all the foods. I'm using Olympus PEN but I can't take macro-shot of anything, let it be foods or whatsoever, I must hold my camera quite a distance from it then only it can focus. =.="


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