27 December, 2010

His 18th

Greetings from the blogger ;D
Yay I'm going for naiseeee food again todae, and here's my look of the dae xP

Location of the dae:

Nihon Kai; Japanese Restaurant

No. 4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong,
Off Jln Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Call 03-7982 3668 for reservation :)

Here's the menu.

This restaurant is VERY crowded during dinner time.
It is cozy and the best part is, they have tatami rooms!

Oyako Don @ RM11.00
Cooked chicken, egg and vegetables, with miso soup and rice

Sukiyaki Chicken Bento Set @ RM21.00

Ten Don @ RM13.00

My fave
Deep fried seafood and vegetables with miso soup.

The portion is, for me, quite huge that I couldn't really finish it ):

Crispy chicken ;D I don't remember how much is this =/

-Gigantic lighter from the restaurant-

Here comes the celebration part ;D

It's my cute high school friend's birthdae (:

I sort of suggested to buy cheese tiramisu cake when Keiyan asked me,
but I'm not that sure if he really likes it.

So.. they decided not to follow my idea, and bought a fruit cake.

But it ended up the birthdae boii indeed loves tiramisu last time, and cheese now! XD
Meaning that I didn't fail to be an ex-girlfriend 100% after all =P

Here's his sweet cake (:
From Tong Kee's Confectionery

Everyone has a strawberry!

Let's have a shot of him xD

The Nike bag; Birthdae present from all of us :)

FREE green tea ice-cream for all of us ;D

Once again, Happy Belated Birthdae to you :)

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