30 January, 2011


Hello! Todae FiSh's going to bring you a tutorial in making BUNNY origami in conjunction with our Rabbit lunar year!

Materials you need: Pencil, scissors and colorful papers

Step 1: Fold a SQUARE piece of paper into half.

Step 2: Fold it into three parts

Step 3: Fold the right corner to meet the other left end.

You will get something like this :)

Step 4: Fold it into half.

Step 5: Draw this pattern on your origami.

Step 6: Cut the origami according to the line.

Step 7: After cutting it, open it up.

Hehes! Almost done, but not there yet.

Step 8: Draw the eyes on the rabbits.

Now... Meet my red bunnies ;D

Finally! DONE!

The blogger wishes you:

Happy trying with this Baby Bunny origami!
Good luck! :D
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