27 January, 2011

Heart-to-heart Talk

YAY! Finally my holidae is here!

My final exam is over. Finally! And the official trimester break has started and will last till 6th of February, meaning the 4th dae of Chinese New Year in lunar calendar.

It's approximately two weeks of holidae when I can go home from my hostel
and wave goodbye to the spicy food at MMU! :D

It's almost the end of January; I just don't realise that I've been busy with the event, final exam and the trip (Will update bout it soon!). The whole month of January is indeed exhausting to me too. Need a good rest now.

7 more days to Chinese New Year! Time really flies. Quickly.

And I went for this movie once I finished my final exam paper! XD Thanks alot to Astro for producing such a great masterpiece ;D This movie was indeed touching! Worth watching :)

“天天好天” 真的让我感动着笑~

WARNING: Long essay ahead, with password protected.

It had been so long since I last typed an encrypted page of texts here. I bet it's time for some personal writing, more like diary I guess :) You can always Facebook me if you want to have the password, I really don't mind sharing with you if you are interested in reading very lengthy words from me.

Here you go,
Hint: Babylove.

Dear readers, I hope you feel the love from me too :)


  1. heppy holiday ya ;)
    hope u enjoy dat 7 day mean one weekend


  2. owh..aku dapat rasakannya....serius deh!

  3. LOL your first few weeks at mmu so sad de meh XD. and your 4.0 wont go anywhere far de lo, dont so fake =x.. haha you and your err hem so sweet de meh.. hope you both can ahh hem la ha.. XD good luck and have fun this coming CNY with US :D.. gamble!! rawrrrr!!! hahahasssss

  4. time pass so fast eh? anyway, happy holiday~ =)

  5. happy holiday too :)
    have a nice tym!

  6. Im having holiday too! Send some loves to you, happy cny!

  7. *close eyes...deep breath...*

    I felt love...lol...

    天天好天is really a great movie =) Love how they made it so close to heart...

    Happy Holiday!

  8. hoho! fishie..
    firstly, i do stalk on you from time to time geh. =p

    somehow, i didnt know the whole story about your past.
    but like they said, past is past,
    what's left is the presence and the future.
    So make sure you live in the presence and look forward for the future. =)

    btw, i didn't know you will remember what i said. But trust me, your life will be so more meaningful after this. =)
    Life isn't about the ending but rather the process you went thru. =D

    and yes, most importantly, now you got a bf to bring you out to eat ad. no more MMU food. =p

    anyway, you can ask me personally on where can go for dating. i know some nice places. hahahaha.

    so... again, congratulations! =D
    be happy always ya! =)

  9. Happy Chinese New Year fishieeee ;)

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