27 February, 2011

Baby White.

Hello! Baby White is back :DD

It's Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, by the way.

Last week, I've dropped my Baby Pink (Sony Ericsson W705) on the stairs :O
And ended up having a broken LCD screen.

Sent for repair @ RM90, and I don't know why at the same time I was so attracted to Androids,
so bought this! Surprisingly.

Yes. I repaired the old one and bought a new one too.
So I have two healthy phones now XD!

Left: White cover @ RM 15
from some telecommunication shop.

Right: Red cover @ RM9!!!
I bought the same thing again, at pasar malam O.o

I'd adore you so much, Baby White.

Anyway, do know more about this phone here :)

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