18 February, 2011

Breezy Genting ♥

Clown @ Genting Skyway

It's time to have an escape from the burning hot sun and dry weather in KL,
where else could be the best place to go other than Genting Highlands?


Not many people @ First World Hotel; Yet it took 2 hours for the entire check-in process =.="

'Big' Breakfast of the dae @ Mc Donald.

Nice decoration with “Gong Xi Fa Cai” @ First World Lobby

And thank God that the weather was so cooling there :D

I love going to this Indoor Theme Park when I was small;
And always dreamed of getting 50000 points for a huge, fluffy teddy! :D

And then Ms. Allie welcomes you to the Outdoor Theme Park!

@ Beryl’s Chocolate Farm; I love colorful chocolates! :D

Back to Hou Mei @ First World Hotel for lunch. Meet our FREE mango puddings! :D

This is the Chicken Floss Kuey Teow Soup on the advertisement board.
Looks tempting and ordered it.

And it turns out to be like this.
Is there even chicken floss inside, may I ask??

But the curry mee came in quite a huge portion.

So do this, dried chicken floss noodles.

This picture gave me a vintage feel :) Again.

How I’d wish I don’t look that fat in this picture.

Dinner of the dae: Dao Xiao Mian (Knife-cut noodle? LOL)

And the oh-so-yummy Char Siew pork rice :DD

Not to forget, my childhood favourite

Goodbye, Carousel!
Shall visit you some other dae.
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