15 February, 2011

The Big "V"

Word of the dae:
V for Valentine

Honestly Valentine's Dae isn't meant specially for couples only, I mean friends can also celebrate it :D

Try to think about this:

If you're single, you can celebrate it with tonnes of friends.
But if you're taken, then you can only enjoy the dae with that one person.

Ask yourself, which one do you prefer to be? :)

Thinking of a sweet, sincere gift for him / her?

Pick of the year: 99 Love Notes For Him / Her :DD

This is the DIY for the year :) Each 5 love notes would be stacked up and tied with a ribbon.

And this is the 100th special one, with all words from the bottom of my heart.

Finally. Let's radiate our love to people around us! :D

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