07 February, 2011

Feel The Brand New Year!

Hello peepo! :DD

CNY Greetings from the blogger;
This is me of the dae, with my darling FiSh necklace :P

And I bought myself
a new pink DSLR :DD !

Alright. Just joking. It's just my phone hanger.

And I blinged my darling phone again :D

A must-have in every Chinese house :DD
It represents wealth right? If I’m not mistaken.

I travelled all the way back to my hometown for reunion with Grandma, uncles, aunties etc :D
But kinda regretful this year coz' we didn't have any group pichas!

I love the feel in this picture :)

Being away from the city once in a while is indeed a fascinating thing.

And then proceeded to the temple :D!

During the prayer, everyone would burn really lots of joss sticks,
and that really blurs my vision of the dae.

And the beggars along the entrance of the temple really look SCARY by the way.

Meet my Mum’s favourite 小鸟花 (Little Birdy Flower LOL!)
It has such name because the shape of its flower really looks like bird :)

Minced pork nowadays also become chio already, with such packaging =.=”

My family went to a few relatives’ house for bai nian only this year, coz’ some aren’t around in Malaysia. And hence ended up having less ang pows (aka Red Packets).

Then I spent one whole dae visiting friends’ houses one by one around Sri Petaling.
And guess what, this year we had one group picture in each house, after each bai nian session

First house: Kui Seong’s ; The background is so plain T_T
Second house: Shinmei’s house @ The bar counter
Third house: Bun’s :DD

Fourth house: Jian Hong’s

And fifth house: Jia Meng’s ; P/S: I like this the most!

Did you realise,
from the first house to the fifth, we have more and more people liao :DD

Not to forget, us, Apple freaks XD

I wanna be a pianist!! LOLL
Soon Yuen, teach me the "Kiss The Rain" please T__________T!


KFC Forever!

Finally I've started my Semester 3 of Foundation already,
but the CNY mood is still ONNNN :DD I'd wish holidae didn't end that quickly.


  1. The cny this year is really too short, not enough to enjoy ): Anyways, I like yr pink camera. So nice :D

  2. I thought it was a real camera!
    at first the shiny lens look pretty Fishy =_=' then it was all a joke =(
    anyway, it's pretty *_*

  3. aiilar..lupa mau ucap CNY sama kamu Fish...sori2.btw,hope u hepi always..

  4. Bling Bling LOL! =P Diamond DSLR? =P

  5. it's nice...but pink is so not me, hehe

  6. the pink DSLR is awesome! but looks like a chocolate!yummmy....anyway! what's the lens u using by the way?

  7. Love the first pic. Background Green + your Red contrasts very nicely :)

  8. omg, super cuteeee pink dslr!!!
    happy CNY^^

  9. you take good pictures! Very impressive!

  10. OMG! Im so jealous with you! pink DSLR! where did you buy that cool stuff?

    p/s: very nice pictures! love them all!

  11. Aww.. How cute! Though its quite late but Happy belated CNY too you yea :)

  12. omg nikom! Hahahahah so cute i wan!

  13. Haha, i thought it's a lomo camera! Aww, you visited a lot of your friend's house..

  14. Yo~ Happy CNY 兔you & ur DSLR~

  15. yes... if it's for a film lomo cam, but digital lomo can be same size as that.. HAHA

  16. I like the feel of the house too ! :) :) Nice pics !


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