11 February, 2011

New Palm Grove Restaurant @ Jalan Meru, Klang

A day out with BabyCanon and my darling parents :D

Yay. It was a weekend and.. Daddy and Mama decided to go to Klang again,
and of course I am excited for the food there LOL!

Papa's car keys with accessories, and the reflection :)

We reached there in the morning and had bak kut teh for breakfast.

Meet my darling Daddy and Mama!
And I love the wonderful colours of our attire of the dae (:


Here comes LUNCH OF THE DAE :D
Alright, it's just a simple lunch, by the way.

Fried, Chinese-styled udon mee with my favourite seafood! (:

Fried meehoon with crab meat ;D
My all-time favourite because the crab meats are always fat and juicy!

Greens :) So long since I last touched veges. HAHAHAS!

Shark fin soup ;D

Fruits after meal: My honey watermelon :)

Hmm. Anyone knows what is this called?
Our Chinese traditional dessert after meal :D

Here's the location:

New Palm Grove Restaurant Jalan Prai 1, Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor.
03-33426666 / 7777

:D Do enjoy your meal of the dae as much as I do!


  1. OMG, they look so delicious! You've made meh very hungreh -.- Haha. I pray happiness for u and ur family :)

    Family means Nobody Gets Left Behind :)

  2. Yummy-licious watermelon!! like, like, like..

    I know! Ohana means Family, Family means nobody gets left behind! from lilo n stitch hekhek .

  3. I want shark fin soup, so yummmmy! :D Really colourful lah your parents and your attire teehee

  4. Your pictures are really awesome! you make me so hungry! awww!! :)

  5. Honey watermelon is cute especially when all the forks are standing up! Oh no shark killing again TSK TSK

  6. Great post you got! your photos were vivid, food looks yummy and your family picture is so nice.

  7. nice family you have there.

    I like the colors from your camera XD

  8. Hi visiting u today..visit me back.. have a nice day

  9. nice food n picture...

  10. shark fin soup>< i am sooo hungry ady><

  11. u call this simple lunch? (there is shark fin man) haha

  12. The fried meehon with crab meat :) is it HALAL for muslim? I'm asking because it seems nice :)

  13. looking at those food make feel soo hungry!!


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