11 February, 2011

New Palm Grove Restaurant @ Jalan Meru, Klang

A day out with BabyCanon and my darling parents :D

Yay. It was a weekend and.. Daddy and Mama decided to go to Klang again,
and of course I am excited for the food there LOL!

Papa's car keys with accessories, and the reflection :)

We reached there in the morning and had bak kut teh for breakfast.

Meet my darling Daddy and Mama!
And I love the wonderful colours of our attire of the dae (:


Here comes LUNCH OF THE DAE :D
Alright, it's just a simple lunch, by the way.

Fried, Chinese-styled udon mee with my favourite seafood! (:

Fried meehoon with crab meat ;D
My all-time favourite because the crab meats are always fat and juicy!

Greens :) So long since I last touched veges. HAHAHAS!

Shark fin soup ;D

Fruits after meal: My honey watermelon :)

Hmm. Anyone knows what is this called?
Our Chinese traditional dessert after meal :D

Here's the location:

New Palm Grove Restaurant Jalan Prai 1, Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor.
03-33426666 / 7777

:D Do enjoy your meal of the dae as much as I do!
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