30 May, 2011

Goodbye, May!

May is not my BFF or whosoever I care, but the month of May in 2011 is the month that I hated the most in my entire life, up to this point, this very second.

The reason is as simple as ABC:
I've been sick, sick, sick and still sick!
For the entire month of May :O

Oh did I mention 4 times of being sick?

I fell sick for 4 times, and have seen the same boring-looking doctor for 4 times;
I guess he's bored of seeing my face! LOL!

Visit #1: Fever due to bacterial infection (First day of finals)
Visit #2: Fever due to sore throat + Flu + Cold (Last day of finals)
Visit #3: Stomach ache + Fever due to excess acid in stomach
Visit #4: Allergy attack on the face

I was like "WOW, 4 times straight in two weeks!" LOL!
I'm soooooooo proud of myself!

Oh ya. Not to forget, the FIFTH time too! Since the allergy doesn't go off after visiting the doctor, I've consulted a dermatologist, who gave me this very green gel to wash my face.

It stinks, by the way.

Liquid to be put onto my skin, twice daily.
Specially produced by the Skin Centre itself :)

Since it's already the end of May now, I hope all the bad luck and mishaps do not ever follow me till the next month! *pray*

God, I hope you listen to my little prayer
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