11 June, 2011

Pirates In Action!

Oh God, it had been more than a week since I last blogged! And this post is delayed 'til today despite of the pictures that I have gotten ready with, stored in my laptop like the old rotten apples.

Yeah it's the "Pirates of the Caribbean" exhibition at the Centre Court of the mall.

The pirate ship is back :D

Look at the crowd!

Uncles, aunties, teens, kids, babies, and everyone gathered there for nothing!
Oh gosh =/

I didn't know that golden heads are valuable items too? o.O

The Malaysia-version of Johnny Depp is in town now! LOL.
From far, he really looks alike to the original one in the movie.

Nice imitation, by the way :)

I didn't watch the movie anyway, but it seems like there were tonnes of negative feedback for this Pirates of Caribbean 4 movie. People just place too high expectation on this movie, and it ended up disappointing everyone huh? I bet so.

I love the pirate hats on the cutiepies! :D So kawaii over there.

LOL. This is a tiny pirate boat with empty boxes I assume.

P/S: I realised, sometimes I'm just way too lazy to bring out a DSLR.


  1. Hmm. I love Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Unlike some, I expected less cos orlando bloom and keira knightley weren't into the 4th installment anymore. Surprisingly, i found the movie enjoyable since Johnny Depp is so funny. You should watch it :)

  2. hahah dam crowded la I went for last week sunday and Pirates movie is dam nice :P

  3. i actually saw a malay guy trying to steal those gold things on the boxes =.=

  4. wowwww, amazing, I like it

    can I buy it? #lol

  5. You have to see the 3D-version, but this one is not the best...

  6. Here in Norway you can view the 3D- version on cinema in all cities and I guess in your country too..

  7. oh yea i love pirates of the caribbean! :D

  8. woah! piratesss! nice photos there! =)

  9. wow~ it's so cool, i want to see this xD

  10. The movie was nice! I enjoyed it (:

  11. Pirates are wonderful~ (^,^) Wish they will do this have this kind of promotion where Chibi lives

  12. Saw the exhibition in MidValley. Too bad I didn't see Malaysia-version of Johnny Depp :D

  13. woww!! I never know that pirates of the carribean 4 had some exhibition at shopping mall. LOL! Well, i think i really got long long didnt visit shopping mall already XD


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