30 September, 2011

Diet On The Go!

If you have been following my blog, I bet you know that I am recently going on diet.

Here's part of my healthy breakfast menu.

I hope the 14 days plan really works if I follow it.

Is Nestle or Kellogg cereals better for low fat diet?

Pure soya drink; A protein booster, by the way :)

Yummy wildberry cereal which is very high in fibre :)

It looks awesome right? :D
Now that I realise, healthy food can taste heavenly good too!

And this. Strawberry & Hazelnut Crunchy Muesli; My favourite.

Lead a healthy diet, with nutritious food todae!
I believe I can do it!

Look how awesome it is!
You just can't resist this, I promise :P

Not to forget this: NATURAL GOLD KIWI FRUIT :D !
Buy Zespri, the best brand of all.

for my dieting plan to work!


  1. I tried these kind of diets so many times, but fail! T____T

  2. Why do you need to be on diet? You're slim enough okay. Btw, I tried low fat milk with nestle fitnesse as well but I tried the one with almond but it doesnt seem to work actually. I think skim milk would be better and with 30 mins of exercise daily (:

  3. Base on your photos here, you are actually sexy already. What's dieting for?

  4. Haha. So many question marks on why are you on diet.

  5. As Hilda Milda say, you're slim enough..I eat a lot of fruit every day, up to one kilo.. I think you can eat what you want..

  6. u r thin enuf~
    hwever, rmb to take in all type of nutrient even though u r on diet o~!

  7. looks healthy ! But you look so skinny already ! HAHA :)

  8. Tell me if this works, I need a diet plan too > <. Will follow you here =]

  9. I forgot to tell you, it's only in the fall season I eat so much fruit.. 500 to 800 gram is more correct, not 1 kilo..hehehe.. Now it is a lot of fruit in the garden..

  10. Believe me, those will make u fatter.

  11. dont forget to do outdoor activity :)

  12. Oh thank you FiSh very much... after read your this blog posts... I get the idea on how to on diet for myself... Stay healthy!

  13. LOL!!! Omg if I got a penny for every time I tried out one of these diets, I'd be richer than thin by now. Unfortunately, I don't, and I'm neither thin nor rich xD

    GOOD LUCK!!! I can't wait to see if this works out (I'm rooting for you!!)

    Till then, ciao!

  14. All nuts have calories, no matter how healthy is it, it will still gather fat is u do not burn the calories~

  15. You on diet?? why why? u're skinny what? =O

  16. Wa, teach you how to keep fit ah? I have no idea wor... I just run a lot :P

  17. I've had those in Aussieland haha. Though other brands. They taste nice!

  18. I don't know, my interest not weight losing hahaha


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