30 September, 2011

Diet On The Go!

If you have been following my blog, I bet you know that I am recently going on diet.

Here's part of my healthy breakfast menu.

I hope the 14 days plan really works if I follow it.

Is Nestle or Kellogg cereals better for low fat diet?

Pure soya drink; A protein booster, by the way :)

Yummy wildberry cereal which is very high in fibre :)

It looks awesome right? :D
Now that I realise, healthy food can taste heavenly good too!

And this. Strawberry & Hazelnut Crunchy Muesli; My favourite.

Lead a healthy diet, with nutritious food todae!
I believe I can do it!

Look how awesome it is!
You just can't resist this, I promise :P

Not to forget this: NATURAL GOLD KIWI FRUIT :D !
Buy Zespri, the best brand of all.

for my dieting plan to work!

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