03 October, 2011

Botanical Garden @ Malacca

Here's the entrance of the Botanical Garden,
and now that I know Malacca has this "Malaysia Book Garden".

The awesome waterfall is right inside the garden :D

See the canopy walk from far :)
I'd wish to try on it one day!

The place is very much like a forest--- Quite wide!

That's why they provide us a map, in case we have got lost inside.

Pretty flowers always attract me :D

Colorful steps towards the woods!

With cute orange-colored fruits of the trees.

And a shelter if you wanna take a rest after a long way of jogging :)

Do visit this place for the breezy and fresh air along with picturesque green scenery!


  1. Looks like a real pretty place! Kinda reminds me of the zoo (LOL) or the tourist places in Sarawak.

  2. I am gonna find a place like this and build a house after i earned a million dollars XD

  3. wow.. nice photo


  4. Wow. It look nicer than Penang's Botanical Garden.

  5. Wow! I like the colourful foot steps very much... It was like guiding you to the botanical garden! Melaka is the best place for tourism just like Penang!

  6. I'm attracted by your good photos! Thumbs up!!!!
    How I miss tropical gardens like this lah. Next time must go there.


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