06 September, 2011

Mille Crêpe from Nadeje Patisserie Cafe @ Malacca

Location of the day:
Nadeje Cafe @ Mahkota Parade
G-23 & 25 Jln PM4 , Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Malacca Town.

It is directly on the top floor of Dataran Pahlawan, opposite the Mahkota Parade, open-air one.

I bet most of us have heard of how fehmes is this shop in Malacca!
It specializes at selling thousand layered cake, but what's so special about it?

Many food bloggers have tried this and gave numerous THUMBS UP for their awesome cake :D

Strawberry Chocolate Mille Crêpe @ RM 9.00
When you have the first bite on it, the feel is indescribable!

Rums and Raisins Mille Crêpe @ RM 9.00


"Praline Lover" @ RM 9.00
Praline means hazelnut in French :)

What makes it soooo perfect is that
every layer of the cake consists of thick hazelnut spread and grinded nuts :)

The Mango Yoghurt Flavour.
Suitable for those who favour less sweet but more sour dessert.

The Original Flavour @ RM 9.00

Don't like the above flavours? There are always more to choose from! :D

Choose your favourite here! :D

But I bet it’s difficult for you to choose from such a huge variety!

They also offer a huge variety of tarts, pastry and come out with new menu every month!
How'd I wish to go to Malacca every single month for this :P

Their strawberry cake is sooo mouth-watering! :)

Look awesome and you feel like finishing it in one bite? :D

Believe it or not, NICE Food Are Always Expensive.

Homemade cakes are always special :)

I've heard that many similar shops are now opened in KL and PJ, but I bet this Nadeje Patisserie Cafe @ Malacca is still unbeatable, still the most authentic one with the best taste!

And yes, Mille Crepe in Malaysia is originated from Nadeje, so don’t ever believe rumours saying that other cafes around KL and PJ are selling the same good crepes!

There are always two outlets at Malacca you can choose to visit.
Do make reservations if you’d wish to make cake orders for special occasions.

Not to forget, Nadeje offers a wide range of Western cuisine other than just cakes.
It’s more than just an ordinary dessert café :)

Have a try today!
I know I wouldn't get bored of visiting this cafe again and again! :D


  1. OMG!!! the strawberry tart is so $$$

  2. I love the original flavour one. :D

  3. omg! only by looking at the pics, i alrdy know itis finger licking good! should give a try!

  4. yea me too. eat till sien. everytime back to hometown, sure go there yamcha *jelak*

  5. melacca has alot of food to try on =P

  6. You're always testing my taste buds.

  7. It's the oh so famous mille crepe that everyone blogs about but I never get to try ):

  8. wow~! like tis~
    bt tis 1 more exp than secret recipe lol~

  9. I LOVE strawberry cake..and the rest looks very good..

  10. strawberry cake ..slurpppp..... can you give me one ? :p

  11. oh,malacca, the city of history and offers scrumtious food!!

  12. oh,malacca, the city of history and offers scrumtious food!!

  13. Yes of course , I like all cakes, but strawberry best..

  14. its been a while since i last went to nadeje... lovely shots! i <3 mille crepe! :D

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I love strawberries!! Your pictures look delicious and very tempting!!


  17. whoa,i like the strawberry cake! :)

  18. now it's at mahkota parade? why some people say dataran pahlawan wan.. or both also got..

    i've only been to the shop-lot version nearby.. i think the mille crepes are just okay.. :)

  19. Mouth watering dessert!!! I drool at the photos! Nice shots!

    Cheers! <3

  20. nope,i havent been there before..but will give it a try if there's a chance.

  21. Ohmaigosh,I am a super duper dessert fan! Wanna eat all of em! :D *drooling*

  22. OMG T____________________T NOW IM CRAVING FOR CREPE T___T

  23. Nadeje's crepe cake way too creamy to my liking and two bites is just enough. u shud try the best in town which is the Humble Beginnings one. ;)

  24. I love their Mille Crepe too. =)

  25. You & the cake, the cake looks so "freaking" huge!! ;)

  26. Look really delicious leh! Why Penang don't have? =(

  27. Humble Beginnings is still the best (agree with Caroline)!

    Yes, they are halal certified and they are available in Penang (and KL, JB, Singapore)!

  28. Hello..Was here again to taste the cakes...

  29. Which flavor is highly recommended besides the original flavor


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