11 September, 2011

Warmth in Mid-Autumn

Malacca? Cowboy Town!
Hahas! Here’s where I am over this weekend.
Why? The reason is simply because it’s Mid-Autumn Festival!

It’s the Cowboy Town so you’d expect seeing people dressing in this way,
dancing with sing-along.

Here’s the itinerary of the night.

The main decoration of the night; which I think it’s nice but nothing much special about it.

But I adore this gigantic lantern of the night!
Magnificent; don’t you think so? :)

Red lanterns look great when I feel warmth and happiness in this Chinese festive night.

The talented man is making lanterns on the spot;
Name him a shape and he’d do it for you!
:D That’s pretty interesting, as he really makes lantern at fast pace!

Large-sized lantern looks incredible here! :D

The tiny Elephant Lantern is so KAWAII

I used to love the paper lantern when I was a kid. But not until the paper and wax are getting more and more expensive when they charge us such a price for these items =x!

I’m posing with this pretty lady imitating Princess Chang Er!
Does she look like one? :D

The night market, with alluring foodstuff, myriad of candle lights and lanterns.

Before I forget…

Do receive the warm greetings from the God of Fortune! :D

It's the mooncake of the year, from Genting Casino :)

Let's have a look at one of them:
Jade Green with Egg Yolk Mooncake

Wishing you happy moments of munching mooncakes for both Muslims and Non-Muslims!
:D They are all Halal, no worries!

Last but not least, Yours Truly is wishing everyone of you here

Aka Happy Mooncake Festival!
Aka Selamat Menyambut Hari Kuih Bulan!

Aka…oppss.. that’s all for the names I can think of!

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