30 October, 2011

Boo! What's Inside Concordia Treat Bags?


P/S: Date may extend due to its popularity. Grab 'em now!
Hey lovelies! It's Halloween; Apparently I'm a typical Chinese and do not celebrate Halloween Day. I remembered vividly when I was younger, I used to read Sweet Valley novels (Any Sweet Valley fans here? I know Xiaxue is one of them!). In the novels, Elizabeth and Jessica always had parties and fun along with spooky experiences during Halloween! But in my life, I've never experienced any before. That was so uncool, right?

This year may be a good start for me to celebrate Halloween; 
I don't fancy spooky parties but I'd love to get myself
one "Halloween Treat Bag" from Concordia Art!   
*excited* when unwrapping the treat bag because you wouldn't be able to know what's inside!
All I can be sure of is that the products is worth more than the price you pay!

 6 items in a bag, let's see what are they! :D

What is Concordia Art?
It is an online blogshop, specially selling handcrafted designed accessories and clothings.
Concordia is about being happy sharing art, wearing art, feel art to LOVE ART .

#1 Candy Body Parts- I got an EAR! It's a sweet, yummy ear-shaped gummies. 

#2 Lollipop in Feet! Notice the skeleton leg there. 
As disgusting as you may feel, surprisingly the lollipop tastes good.

#3 Flower Keeper: Nude (Original Price: RM 28)
A bouquet of flower is picked and arranged in a vase to keep them alive.
Every flower has a key, and therefore it's named a flower keeper.

The flora key necklace looks gorgeous right? And nude is always my favourite color when it comes to choosing accessories. Best matched with plain or floral dresses of soft colors! 

#5 Vintage Art Pendant with Dahlia Spirit (Original Price: RM 26) 
It is hand drawn and painted with watercolor,
then casted in a vintage pendant frame and finally sealed with waterproof Resin. 

Vintage feel has been a hit in the trend nowadays. From the description in the blogshop, the Dahlia Spirit is a spirit of power. Why did I choose power instead of love and purity? Well, my choice of Dahlia has nothing to do with the meaning behind it. I just fancy the design more than any others :P 

Oh did I mention there are 6 items in the Treat Bag?
The item #6 is the name card from Concordia Art! LOL.
It can easily match with ANY tops! LOVE IT!

If I were to choose the better one between these two necklaces, then I definitely love the Floral Key Necklace more than the pendant. I love vintage but I find this floral necklace more suitable for me.

And I love the details in it; The handcraft by the owner of the blogshop is simply awesome!

Once again, yours truly wishes you, you and YOU a Happy Halloween Night! 
For more varieties, visit Concordia Art and start shopping todae!
Alternatively, LIKE Concordia's Page on Facebook or follow them at Twitter!
Looking forward to some Christmas hand-made products from Concordia! :P

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