27 November, 2011

Happy Retirement!

Years have passed and it has finally come to this BIG day!

Black sesame cake, with hazelnut from Tong Kee Confectionery @ RM 29

“Happy Birthdae and Happy Retirement”. Yes, it finally comes to the day that my Daddy retires!

 5 large candles and 5 small ones indicate that it’s his 55th birthdae, 
there it goes a not-too-sweet cake for a simple family celebration.

This simple celebration is completed with Mummy’s home-cooked food.

#1 Longevity noodle, 长寿面 with prawns, fish cakes, squids, and my fave veges.

#2 Sweet and sour crabs, my favourite too!

#3 Fried chicken wings and drumsticks

Retirement means it’s time to enjoy all the tomorrows with no worries and stress.
Just lead a good life, and cherish every single day with family and friends, doing the things you love.

Once again, Happy Retirement, Daddy! Do enjoy with Mummy!

"Human doesn't grow older every year, but becomes wiser every day."

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