08 December, 2011

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

Sushi Zanmai becomes my choice of the day when it comes to choosing Japanese meal.
Why so? Tasty and affordable! :D

Location of the dae:
Sushi Zanmai
T-217, Third Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

As usual we have to queue up and wait for seats no matter how early or late we go there,
when people tend to hate sitting around the conveyor belt.
It’s still about “waiting” there -.-

Let’s see what’s for the menu of the day.

#1 Ten-Don @ RM 8.80
Assorted tempura on rice
This portion is just right for girls, very satisfying too!

#2 Unatama Don @ RM 16.80
Roasted eel simmered with egg on rice

Not recommended.
If you're a fan of eels, do opt for the one without egg.

#3 Chicken Katsu Ramen @ RM 10.80
Ramen noodle with chicken cutlet

#4 Salmon Don @ RM 10.80
Raw salmon on sushi rice

 #5 Smoked Salmon Salad @ RM 12.80
This is my favourite among all! Highly recommended because the salad alone can satisfy me gastronomically and mentally. And the taste of smoked salmon is just nice, neither too salty nor bland.

#6 Salad Dressing: "Sushi Zanmai Dressing"
It tastes sweet-sour, very appetizing.

After the main dishes…
It’s time to have some Sushi plates :D

#7 Jo Unagi (Premium Roasted Eel) @ RM 6.80

#8 Spicy Salmon Maki @ RM 4.80

#9 Inari Kanimayo Maki @ RM 4.80
Crabmeat roasted with mayonnaise
I'm falling in love with the sweetened tofu skin; Whatever you stuff into the skin, I'd eat it!

#10 Tamago Sushi @ RM 2.80
The basic sushi with egg still tastes great :)

How about you?


  1. I was at The Gardens yesterday and dined at PappaRich which is such a big mistake! Should have gone here instead :(

  2. Thanks for sharing, i will remember this when I go to The Gardens in future.

  3. wak pon sukak sushi king jugakkkk... eeeeE wak dh datang niiii nk komen komennnnn..........

  4. hi merryn, i agree that jap food is still a better choice as compared to kopitiam food stuff :) do visit zanmai next time!

  5. hi sheohyan, yes and the outlet is located at the top floor, far end corner of the gardens mall.

  6. hello wak, yg nie zanmai, laen ckt ngan sushi king

  7. Your photography is so good. All the food looks super tasty :) And price is quite affordable too.

  8. mahalnya =.=' lagi pun x suka makanan jepun la.

  9. Oh my Fish.. U r really a big fan of  Fish aren't you?? Ok,I've seen this restaurant everyday thru the year since si Aki is working at Midvalley.. Ha ha ha.. Hey,go get the picture of Christmas deco around here.. :-p

  10. Im a fan of sushi zanmai also.


  11. hi thristan, thanks for your compliment, this restaurant really worths the money!

  12. hi Aki, im indeed a huge fan of fish :P love the salmon very much. i do think xmas at midvalley is beautiful, will do when i have time to visit it!

  13. hi thomas, you're a fan of the crispy katsu? i love it too!

  14. Tried the raw salmon on rice, it's quite tasteless to me :/ but I do like the eel rice!

  15. Oh yeah... one of my favorite place to dine :D

  16. It has been a while since I last stepped into Japanese restaurant.

    I don't know why but everytime I'm in KL hor.. my friends never ajak me go makan Japanese food T_T

  17. YeS! i dO LIke ZaNmaI ....  :)

  18. Never been there before. Maybe coz I am not fond of Japanese food la. But from the pic, they does look nice

  19. I've never try this, looking forward to the chance! ^^

  20. Inari kanimayo maki is my fave, must order if I'm at zanmai (: You should their udon and sukiyaki too. But somehow I think One U's zanmai is nicer than the garden's. 

  21. I haven't got the chance to dine at Zanmai because I got chicken out after seeing the queue :p Read a lot of good reviews about this Jap restaurant.

  22. I'm not very adventurous about eating sushi, can only eat certain varieties, hehe :-)

  23. to be frank, i actually prefer his brother pasta zanmai more.. i love the fusion using spaghetti in their dishes, and i think they taste nice cooked in the japanese way too.. more importantly, pasta zanmai always no crowd, unlike people always like to queue up for sushi zanmai~~ haha!!

  24. aiks?? sushi zanmai??? O.O

    I still prefer sakae sushi...but the best I've been to is Ishin!! haha

  25. I will go for all those with the salmon and raw ones.  I have not been to this outlet before but will sure as I think they have the type of food I like.

  26. wew! i wanna try Zanmai! :D

    sadly, there's no such resto here in the Philippines. D:

  27. too bad we only have Sushi Tei here in Bali. This one looks really good........


  28. very nice pictures ;)
    ya i know this place but haven't try eating there. i can't eat raw salmon,,i don't know, maybe the word 'raw' makes me feel like...ugh...hehehe :p im not a sushi person..hehe..

  29. Love sushi very much... Sushi Sushi i come to you!

  30. hi roslyn, i think the raw salmon is tasteless but it's fresh :) and the eel rice seems a lil salty to me

  31. hello thanks for dropping my page at http://zaarahjasmin.com here to follow you :) awesome blog you have here..

  32. thats definitely one of my favourite japenese food outlet. :)

  33. hi mikhael :) glad to hear that we love the same outlet!

  34. fuh I like your food pictures...they are mouth watering :)

  35. hello Evelynwann :) thanks for your compliment, i will try to put more nicer pictures here! :D


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