21 January, 2012

15th Chinese New Year Extravaganza

Here’s the time of the year where the Chinese Language Society organizes the most happening event of year--- Chinese New Year Banquet Night. This year around it is a charity dinner, to gather students from various universities all over Malaysia for this reunion dinner, celebrating the festive occasion.

Can you recognize this VVIP here?
 Our guest of honor for this opening ceremony is YB Datuk IR Dr. Wee Ka Siong, 
the current Deputy Education Minister of Malaysia.

People prefer Dragon Dance to Lion Dance since it's the Year of Dragon now.

Look back to my archive: Last year, I was one of the working committee, playing a minor role in making this event successful, while this year I am there again, as one of the guests, to enjoy the performance and food.

Let's not let the spirit of CNY stops! 
The event is enlivened with the Drum Performance 
by high school students from SMK Pay Fong, Malacca. 

Next, we're all amazed by the Acrobatics Team who came all the way from China to perform here!

This girl is probably much younger than me, but she is capable of lifting a heavy vase, 
spinning it just by using the legs! Incredible, isn't it?

Another stunt is lifting a table and she can spin it easily 
as if she is playing with small marbles.

After the 'wahhh' and the 'wooooohh', here comes the Wu Shu Performance!
I'm actually wondering why are all these dangerous stunts done by girls.

Hey where are the guys out there?

The long-waited special guest finally appeared with a smart casual outfit!
Entranced by his mesmerizing smile, female fans would definitely bring him flowers upon his arrival.

 The invited artist for the night is Mr. Handsome Eric Lim (林建辉)

I bet you've listened his ever popular song: 
"I Heard Someone Call You Baby" (我听见有人叫你宝贝)

Enough of performances during a growling stomach.

Being the most basic Yee Sang ever, it comprises of the usual assorted condiments with attractive colours. Despite of that, each has its symbolic reference. Crackers represents happiness, peanuts and sesame symbolises harvest, oil resembles wealth and pomelo means good luck. So how can you not toss for a good year ahead? 

Let’s "Lou Sang" for the best of the Year of Dragon!
Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

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