04 February, 2012

Esquire Kitchen @ Sri Petaling

Esquire Kitchen is one of most visited dining places during my childhood. Being part of a traditional family, my parents always bring us to the eatery of oriental style. In fact, I have neither watched a movie in a cinema nor dine at a Japanese restaurant until my sister is big enough to bring me there. 

Ever since I'm no longer a kid, I rarely visit this place anymore. Recently during my revisit, I'm surprised that the concept of the restaurant remains unchanged just like few years back. I remember the home-style Shanghainese and Sze Chuan dishes vividly despite of the new flavours and localization taking place in this restaurant. 

Esquire Kitchen comes with the Prosperous Reunion New Year Set Meal @ RM138++, recommended for 6 to 8 pax. Since the Chinese New Year mood is still on, the set meal is a good choice for a small gathering. 

#1 Prosperous Yee Sang @ RM38++ (Regular)

Such a symbolic dish is not included in the set meal, but I don't mind putting additional ringgits for the luck and happiness from this prosperity toss. The platter of salmon comes in a fairly generous amount but thanks to seasonings which veil the flaws of the salmon slices in terms of freshness.

#2 鸿图大展 Sweet Corn Soup with Vegetarian Shark Fin 

Honestly, I didn't expect a set of RM138 meal would come with a savory broth of shark fins. Despite of being vegetarian, the fragrance of the sweet corn blends in the thick soup base very well. 

#3 年年高升 Shanghai Fried Rice Cake 

The white-colored, tasteless Nian Gao reminds me of the kimchi rice cake I had at Daorae Korean Restaurant. Although it does not have the sweet and sour kimchi flavours, the rice cake tastes perfectly good in the homemade Shanghai sauce with minced meat, chopping onions and chillis.

#4 金龙迎春 Sweet and Sour Garoupa

The deep fried fish fails to retain its original flavour after being covered by the sweet and sour sauce. It's still my favourite because the sweet and sour tastes is well-balanced along with the crunchy skin and flaky flesh. 

#5 凤凰吉祥 Golden Fried Chicken with Herb Based Sauce

The fried chicken looks very appealing with its golden brown skin. The thigh and wing are especially fresh with the firm yet tender meat. Despite of lacking the taste of herbs, I still love this plate of crispy chicken.

#6 五彩缤纷 Crunchy Vegetables

Indeed this dish goes along very well with its name. With the Chinese wood ear fungus and cashew nuts, I'm delighted with the crunchiness of the dish. I then happily munch away the fat-burning vegetables--- celery and carrots!

#7 老少平安 Japanese Beancurd with Pumpkin Sauce 

Another gastronomic dish is served to complete the prosperous meal. Surprisingly, the Japanese beancurd is exceptionally soft in texture. Apart from the minced meat and mushroom, this dish becomes very flavourful when served in thick, creamy pumpkin sauce. 

#8 甜甜蜜蜜 Lo Han Guo with White Fungus  

Putting an endnote to this scrumptious dinner, the monk's fruit dessert is a good one but quite common in most of the Chinese restaurants. After taking the first seep, I realise it's really unsweetened, unlike other restaurants around KL. 

#1 Value for money? Yes. Definitely.
#2 Perfect for a simple family meal.
#3 Despite of the good family-styled ambiance, the service is so-so because most waiters cannot communicate well in English or Chinese.

Esquire Kitchen 
G003, Ground Floor, Endah Parade,
1, Jalan 1/149E,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9056 5033


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