19 March, 2012

QQ SnowMix @ Sri Petaling

Have you heard of QQ SnowMix? 
It is still a new brand of Taiwanese desserts, but let me tell you,
it's exactly the SAME as Snowflakes--- Same Price, Same Menu!
What's the difference?
#1 SnowMix is in the process of expanding while Snowflake already has gazillion outlets and stopped franchising.
#2 SnowMix offers VIP Card which enables you to get 10% during peak hours, and 20% during non-peak hours. 
#3 The taro balls here are of larger size with brighter colours as compared to Snowflakes.

QQ SnowMix Dessert brings you the TOP 10 Taiwanese Dessert.
With Taro Jelly Ice Series, Grass Jelly Ice Series, Soya Ice Series, QQ Taro Series etc.

Assorted drinks are available too :) 
This Apollo walkie-talkie is exactly the same as the UFO from Snowflake
It will vibrate and red lights blink when your dessert is ready.

Here's the QQ Bestseller--- Grass Jelly with Ice + QQ Taro + Black Creamer @ RM 6.90
Hot dessert--- Taro Balls with Red Beans and Lotus Seeds @ RM 6.90
" It's soooooo Q! "
Q is the word people describe the mouthfeel of the foods texture. When people tells you 'this is so Q', dont get it wrong coz' they dont mean the foods look cute! It means the texture of the food is chewy, al dente, not too mushy or too hard to be bite, just right!

Lemon Jade Jelly Ice with Pearls @ RM 6.90
Taro Ice + Taro Balls + Pearls + Red Beans + Peanuts @ RM 6.90 

So far, I've only tried one of the cold drinks there--- Milk Tea with Jelly and Red Beans @ RM 5.50

To my disappointment, the overly sweetened milk tea along with the natural sweetness of the red beans is really a bad choice because I opted it without ice. I bet it would suit my personal taste better if this beverage is chilled.

Basically the price of items there doesn't exceed RM 7!
Reasonably priced for a fulfilling dessert right?

1. Lack of originality, because it's another Taiwanese dessert franchise. 
2. I'm more than satisfied with the chewy taro balls which appear to be of firmer texture.
3. The amount of sweetener is slightly higher than my preferred volume.

Have a sweet tooth and ENJOY! 

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