05 April, 2012

OpenRice.com- Your Dining Guide

Things have been changing at ohfishiee.blogspot.com, as you can see tonnes of food, food and food whenever you stumble upon this site. For the past few months, I've started putting more comments on various aspects of each dish I've sampled at the restaurants and hotels, hoping to share more of my food culture to all of you!

And out of the many feedbacks I've gotten from you, fellow readers, I find one really interesting! Let me see if you're one of them, who ask me this very subjective question:

 "How can you eat so much and stay so thin?"

Well, to be honest,
My answer is pretty simple:
"Just eat as HEALTHY as you can!" 
(And you don't need any health food / diet supplements at all)

Doing simple, cost effective things to stay healthy today will keep you from spending more money down the line. The truth is, you don't have to binge in good food everyday or only take in fruits from day till night.

Today I have a good news to share with you, my dear readers--- Now you stand a chance to dine with me, enjoying the delicious 5-star food stuff while leading a healthy eating lifestyle! In conjunction to that, let me introduce you the campaign: 

"Join and Dine with OpenRice"!

OpenRice is an online dining guide written by local people, with a comprehensive restaurant search engine and a platform for users to write reviews on restaurants they have visited. Be a member and you can search for reviews in at least 60,000 dining outlets in the country! 

Just register yourself as a member of OpenRice HERE 
and what you can get includes: 
  • A chance to meet famous bloggers and dine with them at Lai Ching Yuen at Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • Win Samsung phones from the lucky draw 
  • Access to exclusive vouchers 
  • Priority approval for food review submissions 
  • Special invites to OpenRice’s regular events 
  • Updates on new features and contests 

To qualify yourself for this campaign, you have to: 
1. Register as a member HERE 
2. Tick all the checkboxes
3. Link your account to your Facebook account

"You're What You Eat."



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. nice one! :D

  3. I would enter if it wasn't because I live in Spain hahaha

  4. Cool!!! I love openrice tooo!!xD

  5. Yep, your blog has turned into a food blog! ;)
    But don't worry, we still love reading it~

  6. Just tell them, you exercise a lot..hehehe.

  7. kekeke .. i like to comic cartoons..

  8. I wish i can eat like everything and anything without weight increasing but its impossible.

  9. I like the Harvard Healthy Plate - it's pretty similar to the UK version but it adds that your grains should be mostly wholegrains, to drink lots of water and has a symbol reminding us that movement should be part of your daily plan.

  10. This is good! thanks for sharing :D

  11. Thanks for sharing, Fish. I find it a very interesting and useful site indeed.

  12. Eating healthy is very important...

  13. Oh, good tip on the eatwell plate distribution!

  14. I simply love to eat..but I hope I have enough will to control them to stay healthy and happy :-)

  15. wooo how much they paid you for this? sad, i didn't get =(

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  16. stay healthy is important~

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  17. well u know, its tough to resist the temptations of food =(

  18. seems like openrice.com is famous now? haha. BTW, Where can get the food of your first picture ^^

    Latest & might drop by comment^^: HPV and Gardasil

  19. It sounds like Open Rice is a great idea. I love the cartoons through your post - very cute! Happy Easter xx


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