03 April, 2012

QQ SnowMix @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Not long ago, I just had a review at QQ SnowMix of Sri Petaling (Blog post: HERE), and today I'm stepping into the same outlet, but at Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

If you have checked out my previous review of this cafe, you'll know that this Puchong outlet is a branch of Sri Petaling headquarters. So far, they have only two outlets, but hopefully they'll be expanding soon. Anyone interested in franchising there? :P

 #1 Taipei Big Big (台北大大碗) @ RM24.90

Recommended for 3 to 4 persons sharing. It is based with 3 types of ice--- Grass Jelly Ice, Taro Ice and Soya Ice--- and 12 Toppings! Meaning that if you want to try different toppings and flavours, you can have them all in one go now!

 Let's compare the size of the bowl with an iPhone, now can you imagine how HUGE it is?
Calling all the Taiwanese desserts lovers out there, perhaps you can finish it all by yourself. 

 #2 Tempura (甜不辣) @ RM5.90

Well, this time around, I'm not focusing on the common Taiwanese desserts, because  QQ Snowmix does not only serve mouth-watering desserts, but now they have diversified their menu into offering some finger food and tidbits for us!

#3 Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken @ RM6.50

Served piping hot from the kitchen, it is indeed crispy and serves best as a snack.

 #4 Taiwan Egg and Hotdog Roll (台式蛋包热狗香卷) @ RM4.50

 #5 Taiwan Egg and Chicken Roll (台式蛋包鸡香卷) @ RM5.50

After sampling all these Taiwanese tidbits, I feel as if I'm strolling along the Shih-Lin night market at Taipei! More varieties are coming soon at QQ Snowmix Bandar Puteri! 

#6 Taiwan Sweet Potato Stick @ RM2.50

These Taiwanese fries are totally different from the French Fries; They're more crispy and don't turn soft easily.

 #7 Taiwan Grass Jelly Snow with QQ Taro, Pearls, Kidney Beans and Red Beans @ RM6.90

Just imagine the sensation of having some icy cool and refreshing food on a hot tropical day. It's time to customize your very own bowl with your favourite flavours here.

 #8 Lemon Jade Jelly Ice @ RM5.50

 #9 Sea Amber Jelly Ice with Pearls @ RM6.90

 #10 Douhua with Red Beans and Jelly @ RM5.90

 #11 Grass Jelly Ice Series with Grass Jelly, QQ Taro and Black Creamer @ RM6.90

#12 Taro Ice Series with Taipei Pudding, QQ Taro and Black Creamer @ RM6.90

 #13 Taiwan Black Sesame Soup with Japanese Matcha Soup and QQ Taro @ RM6.50

If you feel that the desserts are too icy for you, then a bowl of warm sesame soup would savour your taste very much! Blended with the Green Tea Soup, it is surprisingly still very thick with no sign of diluteness. What would be better than enjoying it with the chewy Taro Balls?

 #14 Taiwan Grass Jelly Soup with QQ Taro, Pearls and Peanuts @ RM6.90

 #15 Rainbow Jelly Gold Green Tea @ RM5.90

For small eaters, I think you'd prefer some refreshing drinks instead of the filling bowls of desserts. This cup of green tea serves best as a thirst quencher with the chewy rainbow-coloured jelly. 

1. Personally, I have better impression towards QQ SnowMix now as compared to my first visit.
2. For the aromatic icy desserts, I'd prefer the Soya Ice base, so thick and flavourful!
3. Taiwanese snacks are good but slightly overpriced, considering the portion of each serving.

QQ SnowMix
48, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Contact: 603-80523133
Facebook: www.facebook.com/qqsnowmixpuchong

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