18 April, 2012

The Salad Bar @ Damansara Uptown

After heavy meals over the weekend, I really need to wash away the toxins, carbs and fats with something light yet healthy. What's better than my simple favourite salads, pasta and sandwiches at The Salad Bar, Damansara Utama? 

 The cheerful interior looks inviting, along with the clean environment.

A dining affair at The Salad Bar allows customers to order their meals either in a set menu consisting of one appetiser and one main dish, or even ala carte. You can go vegan here with some really healthy menu.

 #1 Soup of the Day - Broccoli Broth @ RM3.90

The soup choices include carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, and mushroom. Cooked with real vegetables instead of puree, the natural flavours and goodness are certainly good for your body. It suits me with higher fibre content for digestion. 

 #2 Old Granny's Caesar Salad (Full Size) @ RM11.90

For a supersalad munching time, customers get to choose 2 types of greens from iceberg, romaine, butterhead, red coral to red oak. A choice of 3 toppings are made available ranging from a selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, grains to cheese and meat. Salad dressings that are ordered can be a concoction of spicy, tangy, minty to sweet sensations.

This Caesar salad is one of the healthiest with cheese and grilled chicken. It's my all-time favourite because of the strong hint of extra virgin olive oil!

 #3 R.E.D. Salad (Full Size) @ RM11.90

Tangy flavoured, it tantalizes my taste buds with the sweet and sour but fiery-red-looking salad bowl. Even the chicken sausage here is completely red in colour! Served with toasted garlic bread as well :)

 #4 High Energy Superman Salad (Full Size) @ RM11.90

Opt for this when you need more food to treat your stomach. It contains significantly higher amount of carbs and protein to keep you energetic throughout the day. The eggs, chicken sausages and croutons will definitely boost your energy level.

 #5 Spicy Salad (Full Size) @ RM11.90

This is really special, with the spicy marinated teriyaki chicken and spicy vinegar dressing. On top of that, the sunflower seeds topping enhances the presentation of the salad bowl. The chicken cutlets are very flavourful, and I love the mildness of the spicy flavour here.

#6 Tropical Fruit Salad (Full Size) @ RM11.90

If you prefer some natural sweetness in the salad, I'd recommended a fresh bowl of chilled fruity salad. Mainly comprising the mango and grapes, the salad is full of juiciness of the fruits!

 #7 Spicy Chicken Pasta @ RM7.90 

Next, let's sample some assortments of pasta. They come in only one size, at a flat price of RM7.90 each regardless of flavours. This chicken pasta looks more like udon to me, but it is served with chilli padi and basil. I suppose it is hot and spicy, but surprisingly it tastes sweet than spicy! Good for those with really low tolerance towards spiciness.

 #8 Chilli Mushroom Pasta @ RM7.90

Along with the aromatic tossed garlic, the pasta smells good with its traditionally good flavour. Simple yet filling enough, it is juicy but not too oily.

 #9 Tomato Pasta @ RM7.90 

A decent orangy bowl is appetizing as the tangy spaghetti comes with tomato puree, basil, celery carrot and onion. But it's kinda too wet with the puree, which does not taste original.

 #10 Turkey Club Sandwich @ RM8.90

Under the "Super Duper Sandwich" category, I find this turkey ham sandwich especially good with the chef's special sauce. The buttery taste envelopes the sandwich, and each bite is followed by the hint of aromatic butter spread on the bread.

 #11 Hugo Special- Tortilla Wraps with Roasted Chicken @ RM9.90

Here you can choose your own bread (Clabatta, wholemeal sandwich bread, brown bread or tortilla wrap) and then select your favourite fillings (Roast beef, roast chicken, turkey ham or smoked chicken slice).

 #12 Homemade Yogurt with Honey + 1 Topping @ RM4.50
(RM0.50 for each additional topping)

There are more than 10 types of toppings to choose from, including choices of fresh fruits, dried fruits and healthy nuts. Perhaps I take too long in photograph taking, my yogurt is no longer chilled and the sour taste is getting stronger.

 #13 Chart for the Salad Dressings 

1. The portion is generous- Full sized supersalad bowls are meant for sharing.
2. It's more than just salad--- Their pasta, juices and desserts come in a wide selection.
3. The price is really reasonable, considering the overall taste and size.

The Salad Bar 
No.41G, Jalan SS 21/60,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 603-7731 2228 / 603-7722 1742
Facebook: fb.com/thesaladbar
Operating Hours: 9am to 9pm daily (Except Sunday: 9am to 6pm)


  1. sould try out the #7 Spicy Chicken Pasta :DD

  2. hmm not bad..
    in the european countries they have restaurant that offer buffer salad ..
    all you can eat type...

  3. Ah!!! The turkey club sandwich!!! Yum! Yum! I'd like that...or the tortillas...or the pasta. The salad, you can have...no, thank you! LOL!!! I've been to Uptown before - maybe this wasn't there at the time...

  4. Time to revisit...love their not-so-boring salads :P

  5. Healthy one, but cant bring my kids. They dun like vege..sobs** Hope when they grow older, they will know the benefits of vege

  6. What a brilliant salad bar! They have such a great range of foods - and definitely counter any myths about vegetables being boring :)

  7. Salads are my favourite lunch. I'll have to visit this spot.

  8. I agree, sometimes after some heavy meals, really need something lighter and healthier for our tummy...

  9. wow....healthy-nya~~~
    Yogurt looks good. Simple and refreshing =)

  10. looks very healthy leh all those salad and pasta, and the color so vibrant to stimulate the appetite too!!

  11. What gorgeous photographs from a salad bar restaurant. They must love you to bits for thos pictures! I'm hungry now.

  12. Oh My! The salad, the pasta, the yogurt are all my favourites. I don't mind going this place every day.

  13. Broccoli Broth? Yewww, must have tasted bad right? The other food looks delicious though. Price is ok too.

  14. Those salads are so delicious and nourishing looking. I love the look of Granny's Caesar - would love to order one xx

  15. i like the name 'superman salad!' such a cool name! :D

  16. I love soup!!! I would love to try all kind of soups if I could. :)

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  17. I know this shop!! Its in damansara uptown right? =DD

  18. It doesnt look that healthy at all... looks so tempting instead... hahaha oh gosh i really need to eat something healthy once in awhile =_= thanks for recommending :D

  19. guess i'd be having the pastas if i'm ever there. which makes no sense cause i hate veges XD Tiger AMF 2012 a DISAPPOINTMENT

  20. Have not visited this place before but from a meat lover's mouth, the salads definitely look good and affordable! Hehe.

  21. that is healthy.. i love salad..thanks a lot for sharing..a good place to dine.

  22. looks so healthy !! Loved the look of those yoghurts :D

  23. My favorite too ^_^ Love the salad bar, I have post here The Salad Bar http://junetan84.blogspot.com/2011/10/salad-bar.html#.T49vKpLQUhI.twitter

  24. Now this is my kind of restaurant! Those salads look amazing, I can't decide which one I love more...but I really love that old granny Caesar salad:-) Hugs, Terra

  25. they all look yummy. with all the choices, i am getting hungry again :)

  26. I love all types of salad, so this is right up my alley!

  27. Aiyo, they all looked so tempting lar. I love caesar salad! and the yogurt looked so nice with the toppings!

  28. looks yummy and nutritious. you can never go wrong with salads.

  29. Such a healthy spread! I've not been to a Salad Bar, so this would be interesting for me :)

  30. I would love to go to a salad bar as deliciously spread as this :D
    Great review!

    Choc Chip Uru

  31. wah the pasta so cheap ar? man . . . this is great! lol


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