16 April, 2012

World's Best Sandwich- Dave's Bistro, Bar & Grill @ 1 Utama

#1 "Malaysian Makes The World's Best Sandwich"

Chef Darren Chin recently won the 9th Delifrance Sandwich World Cup 2012 held in Paris, and I'm glad to be invited for his live cooking demonstration and food tasting event. I just couldn't wait to savour this amazing sandwich of his!

#2 Sandwich-making Demonstration with The Local Premium Ingredients

Aged 32, Chef Darran is humble and willing to share his recipe of the World Best Sandwich- the Vietnamese-French Inspired Banh Mi Sandwich. Here he has proven that our Asian traditional herb, Tumeric (Kunyit) can work wonder on the meat in the baguette!

#3 Main Ingredient: Pork Belly

The juiciness from the sandwich all come from the marinated pork belly! So juicy it does look, how can you resist that? 

#4 The Award-winning Vietnamese-French Inspired Banh Mi Sandwich

It is basically a sandwich of pork combined with herbs and spices, and used a julienne of vegetables to decorate. It was accompanied by a small julienne salad and tonka vinaigrette for better flavours.

#5 Juicy Kunyit Marinated Pork

This reminds me of pork burger. Beneath the crispy skin, there lies the sliced pork which comes in a soft texture, assortments of vegetables as well as some crispy croutons.

#6 Chef Demonstrating The Lamb Loin

Debone, roll it and slowly cook it using the bamboo steamer. Such a way is slow but the meat can be cooked from inside without losing any juiciness.

#7 Lamb Loin Stuffed with Basil and Candied Lemon Zest

#8 Gargouillou of Young Vegetables

Look how delicate it is. A gargouillou is a signature French dish, consisting of a huge assortment of baby vegetables that have been sauteed in a buttery sauce with parsley oil.

#9 Pastry-making Demonstration 

Along with him, Chef Hubert Ly, a very talented pastry chef is here to conduct a live cooking demonstration of French pastry and cuisine.

#10 "Agrums"- with Various Local Citrus Fruits, Hazelnut Daquiose and White Chocolate Mousse

And the decoration on the side is all macaroon! It's so beautiful and best for celebrations and special occasions. Mainly made of egg whites, flour and cooked butter, surprisingly it tastes just right in terms of sweetness!

#11 Classic French Tea Cake with Chocolate Ganache 

The inner part of the cake is equally aromatic as the skin, and soft and fresh enough to keep me indulged in such heavenly dessert!

#12 Passion Fruit Macaroons

Needless to mention, it's one of the best macaroon I ever have, with the fusion of soft and crispy texture. I had two, but I wanted more! 

#13 Tartlets of Citrus Fruit Mousse

#14 Wide Spread of Food on the Table

Inside Dave's Bistro, Bar & Grill, the sandwich, lamb loins and desserts are spread onto the table for the guests to taste. 

#15 Porkylicious!

#16 Hundreds of Macaroons and Tea Cakes 

During the food tasting session, the desserts are beautifully arranged on the table. There food is more than just a food, it's art and I'm admiring it now.

#17 Five Minutes Later...

In less than 5 minutes, what's left on the table was only those which cannot be directly eaten. Unless you want to squeeze the lime or eat it raw.

#18 With Chef Darren Chin, Chef Hubert Ly,  Dave's Bistro, Bar & Grill's crew, and bloggers

Themed "From Farm to Table", I get to learn how local ingredients can be perfect along with thei chefs' mastered French cooking techniques to produce sensational dishes!

Book your seat now if you'd love to savour the fine and delicate French cuisine!

Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill
Lot 209, The Promenade,
One Utama Shopping Centre, 
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7725 4017

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