26 May, 2012

2012 New Menu & Promotions @ Sakae Sushi Malaysia

The cute frog icon is no longer new to us when it comes to Japanese restaurant franchises. Sakae Sushi is my all-time favourite and you can see me reviewing on Sakae food more than once- Here#1 and Here#2.

The good news is, it is now open in Paradigm Mall along LDP Highway. Now, there is one more reason for me to visit the mall besides shopping.

#1 Signature Green Tea Infused with Roasted Brown Rice Aroma

Upon being seated, the waiters are efficient in serving us with their signature drinks. Sakae Sushi recently introduces the new, improved menu featuring 30 new creations, so let's start ordering using their store-wide interactive iPad menu!

#2 Happy Froggie (乐荣蛙蛙) @ RM7.99

We're first greeted with a new, cute sushi from the kids' selection. Every mouthful of the sushi rice is filled with rich tuna mayo, which definitely favours the kids! Not forget to mention the candy frog which smiles happily at you.

#3 Kaisen Salad (海鲜沙拉) @ RM16.90

This newly added dish promises you fresh servings of prawns, tuna flakes and snow crab legs along with vegetables. The fresh seafood aroma is further enhanced by the Creamy Goma Dressing. While served really chilled, it is truly refreshing with the unique black sesame sauce.

 #4 Kaisen Pirikara Nabe (海鲜泡菜汤) @ RM24.90

After the cooling dish, the chef then prepares us an appetizing hotpot stuffed with fresh seafood--- Prawns, cuttlefish & cooked salmon--- alongside with mushrooms and assorted vegetables. The kimchi soup warms my tummy, and now I'm ready for hot and spicy adventure!

 #5 Hotate Mentaiyaki (香烤明太子扇贝) @ RM20.90

Hotate simply means scallop in Japanese, and here I sample some succulent half shell scallops grilled with cod fish roe. Even without adding lemon to tantalize the taste buds, I already enjoy this combination tremendously! And the following picture is enough to explain how much I am in love with it! 

Succulent Hotate; Highly Recommended!

 #6 Soft Shell Crab Maki (辣味软壳蟹卷) @ RM5.99

I admire this sushi roll upon having each mouthful of it. The soft shell crabs are deep fried to golden perfection, retaining a juicy crispy texture in it. The sweet beancurd and spicy mayonnaise simply makes it more mouth-watering!
 #7 Ebi Crepe (黄金虾卷) @ RM5.99

Egg wrapped sushi is something new for me as I always go for the traditional seaweed option. Now I'm impressed with the light crepe wrap which is enriched with heavy eggy taste and a whole cooked prawn, topped with mayonnaise. This is rather a fusion with eggs, and egg lovers definitely shouldn't miss this!

#8 Inari Avocado Ebi (稻禾酪梨虾) @ RM7.99

Inari sushi is always too sweet for my liking because of its sweet beancurd skin. Nevertheless, I enjoy the succulent whole prawn with the delicious vegetables and salad dressing. 

#9 Sakae Blossom (荣之花) @ RM9.99

I truly admire this delectable maki when it was served to me. The grilled salmon when sopped with the shrimp roe and paired with mayonnaise, is perfect as a delightful snack. 

 #10 Hana Maki (鲑鱼花卷) @ RM9.99

Hana means flower in Japanese, and it is the stand-alone salmon roll at the right side of the above picture. I love this lovely raw salmon petals which is crafted into flower rolls covering the sushi rice topped with mayonnaise and shrimp roe. However, for my personal liking, I'd replace the mayo with some wasabi and soy sauce for a light, natural taste of salmon.

#11 Curry Udon (日式咖哩鸡乌冬面) @ RM12.90

Here comes my main course after indulging in the assorted sushi. Like the Curry Chicken Katsu, now Sakae Sushi offers similar thick and flavourful curry paired with Japanese wheat noodles. Honestly, I love their aromatic curry along with the chewy noodles.

 #12 Assorted Ice Cream @ RM5.90 / RM6.90 per scoop

From left, I have my favourite Goma Ice Cream which is so creamy and rich in black sesame flavour. Then the Matcha Ice Cream is so authentic and I'm the first one to scoop my favourite green tea here. 

If you prefer some fruity taste, the Dragonfruit Ice Cream delights you the most with its mild sweet and sour balance. Lastly, the most exciting flavour to go for is this exotic Passion Fruit Ice Cream. It is more sourish in taste, promising to tantalize your taste buds!

#13 Matcha Parfait @ RM13.90

The layers are so nicely done, separating the matcha ice cream with layers of corn flakes, crushed peanuts, whipped cream and red beans. A mixture of the ingredients is heavenly good with crunchiness and thick texture along with the hint of sweetness.

#14 Mochi @ RM5.99

Lastly, our scrumptious meal is completed with the Japanese Mochi, filled with a variety of choices---Sweet black sesame paste, red bean paste and pandan paste. 

Fish and frog are good friends, but...
Froggie, why you step on my leg? 

Along with the new menu, Sakae has rewards for you! 

#1 Newspaper readers can enjoy a special RM10 cash voucher valid with a minimum spend of RM25, with an additional FREE pink plate worth RM3.99 for Citibank cardholders.
#2 Flash / Print e-voucher to redeem FREE dish.
#3 Facebook users can join Sakae Sushi Malaysia Facebook fanpage for more contests.

1. My tummy is really satisfied after the meal as Sakae Sushi has never failed to delight me with new, creative and tempting sushi and dishes.
2. Personally, the only thing I don't really enjoy is the mayonnaise, I think I'll just skip those with added sweetness in the sushi.
3. With my Sakae Card, I'd definitely explore more of the new creations of the year!

Sakae Sushi
Lot CF13, Concourse Floor,
Paradigm Mall,
1, Jalan SS7/ 26A,
Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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