27 May, 2012

Bai Nien Old Hotpot 百年老火锅 @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

#1 Welcome to the History of 100 years!

This round, our eating place is located along the busy streets at Dataran Sunway, which are congested with many eateries, fashion shops and hardware outlets. Personally I am not a steamboat lover, but I do love the idea of steamboat as something fun to do together, be it a small gathering or family reunion.

#2 Left: Signature Soup (百年老火汤) @ RM8.90 
Right: Tom Yam (冬蔭汤) Soup @ FREE

It is named "Bai Nien Old", which literally means 100 years old, because of their Signature Pork Soup which is a house specialty recipe that had been passed down for many generations. It definitely ages more than 100 by now! 

Initially their ancestors boil the pork soup with herbs for more than 6 hours, as a health remedy. But now, the young generation has turned it into a steamboat soup base for all to enjoy. With an additional RM8.90, you can taste how great it is!

Note: Clear Soup and Tom Yam Soup is available at no extra charge. 

#3 Premier Set Menu (精选套餐) @ RM30.50 per pax

The set menu consists of a basic steamboat platter with an additional meat platter which allows you to choose between sliced pork or sliced beef.

Whereas the Basic Set @ RM16.50 comes with only traditional steamboat ingredients that include fish noodles, fried bean curd skin, prawns, fish slices, dumplings, all kinds of fish balls and vegetables. 

 #4 Left: Beef (牛肉切片) ; Right: Pork (猪肉切片)

This is included in the premium set menu, or you can order as a separate dish. Both meats are best dipped into the signature soup so that you can really taste how fresh the meat is. 

#5 Cooked Pork

Here's a comparison between the raw and cooked slice of pork. You can decide on how well done you want your pork slice to be, and normally I prefer not to overcook it in order to retain the chewiness of the meat.

#6 Fried Lala Mee Hoon (拉拉炒米粉) @ RM28 per kg

Other than eating from the hotpot, we order a large plate of signature seafood meehoon for group sharing. I find that they're using fresh seafood here as its essence is evenly absorbed in the dish. The noodles now become more aromatic than usual, with the natural taste from the seafood.

#7 Hot Dog with Onion (大葱炒香肠) @ RM8.90

While waiting for our hotpot to boil, we munch on some signature side dishes. Mini frankfurters are deep-fried with onions in a Chinese style which leaves the hot dogs with an extra hint of aroma. However, I try only one because I don't normally take food in excessive oil.

#8 Taiwan Sausages (炸台湾香肠) @ RM8.90

The second best selling side orders is the deep-fried Taiwan sausages. It is simply delicious with a crispy outer skin and tastes salty inside. On top of that, I find it non-oily at all and I love it to bits!

#9 Fried Seafood Tofu (炸海鲜豆腐) @ RM6 (Small) / RM12 (Big)

#10 Fried Chicken Wing (炸鸡翅膀) @ RM2.50 per wing

Some crispy fried chicken wings are also great to snack on, especially from the moment of munching through the crispy skin to where the tender meat lies. Dipping it into the sweet spicy sauce is my next choice to enhance the flavours of the wing. Same goes to the seafood tofu above.

#11 Fried Dumpling (炸水饺) @ RM6.50 (Small) / RM13 (Big)

Personally, I love their Homemade Fried Dumpling, not because of how they wrap it themselves but due to the fresh ingredients they use for the filling. The juiciness of the meat inside is simply irresistible and I love the minced meat under the skin which does not clump together.

#12 Chilli paste and fried onions in oil

If you wanna tickle your taste buds a little, the red chilli paste (first one) is good for its mildness in spiciness. However, the dark colored chilli paste (middle one) is extra hot with chunks of cili padi seeds in it! Despite of its spiciness, I'm tempted to take a portion with my seafood to warm up my stomach. 

#13 Pandan Cooler (冰冷班兰) @ RM3.00

The glass of icy cold juice is supposed to act as thirst quencher because most of the time we'd feel thirsty after having steamboat. But this time I don't think I need any drinks at all because the soup is just so soothing and in fact it makes my throat feels good!

1. Thumbs up to the restaurateurs for maintaining the good quality of the foodstuff, especially the Signature Pork Soup and raw seafood. 
2. Overall, I have a great dining experience here with a bunch of people under a clean, simple ambiance, and most importantly this affordable meal does not burn a hole in my pocket!
3. I'd revisit to check on their new, more diversified menu especially on their homemade side dishes.

Bai Nien Old Hotpot 百年老火锅 
12A-1 (Ground Floor), 
Jalan PJU 5/4,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 6012-299 1877
Business Hours: 4.30pm to 12am daily
Facebook: fb.com/BaiNienHotpot

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