11 May, 2012

Bavarian Beergarden German Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

Where is the best place to savour some delicious pork with an array of beers? Many pork places are growing like mushrooms in town, but Bavarian Bierhaus German Restaurant and Bar still tops my list.

Following the successful business at e@Curve and Wisma UOA, it opens another branch at Pearl International Hotel, along Old Klang Road (Jalan Klang Lama). Started for only 2 months, the business here is flourishing, with huge crowds at late nights especially during weekends. Well, many would certainly enjoy such relaxing ambiance there!

Choose between indoors or outdoors; Dine whichever way you prefer because at the end of the day you'd still get to enjoy the food and have an unforgettable experience there!

  #1 Bavarian Pork Salad (巴伐利亚猪肉沙拉) @ RM18 

Before starting off a porky meal, we’re introduced with the signature salad with grilled pork escalope. Each piece of the crispy strip is lean and complements the concept of healthy salad bowl.

#2 Pork Liver Pate on Crusty Bread (猪肉肝酱脆皮面包) @ RM12 

The next starter is the garlic buttery bread topped with cold pork liver pate. You may not fancy this when you come across the word ‘liver’, but it tastes good and definitely a must-try!

 #3 Crispy Pork Crackling (香脆炸猪皮) @ RM15 

The pork is skinned, and let’s turn the skin into something truly amazing. Crispy and non-oily, it is oven-baked instead of deep-fried. Now you wouldn’t complain the fat and oil in it at all, and dip them into Bavarian Mustard for the best enjoyment!

 #4 Cold Cut Platter (冷切混合火腿餅盘) @ RM27 

Black forest ham, turkey ham, parma ham and my favourite grilled bacon are served as one. They’re all presented neatly with some pickled onions, Gherkins and crusty bread. Sufficient to serve 2 pax.

 #5 Whole Pork Ribs (两人份排骨) @ RM68 

Here comes the long-awaited dish, which brings the most excitement for the night! The ribs are nicely done, accompanied with some sidelines. Previously, it comes with pineapple gravy which tantalizes your taste buds with the sour fruity flavour. But now the dark beer sauce replaces it, to bring you a higher level of enjoyment! 

Juicy porkilicious!

 #6 Sausage Platter (香肠餅盘) @ RM75

Different parts of a swine are used to produce sausages of different texture and flavour. The frankfurter and bacon are excellent when dipped into sauces of 4 choices--- Curry Ketchup, Garlic Mayo, Habanero Mayo and German Mustard. Thumbs up for this, it’s definitely not like any highly-processed sausages out there.

 #7 Bierhaus Knuckle (招牌德国烤猪手) @ RM66

The famous German pork knuckle is something that you shouldn’t miss out. Beneath the crispy skin lies the juicy layers of lean meat. Porky enough, while no fatty layers. Truly awesome dish! I enjoy the localized version of German sour cabbage and mashed potato, although it goes mild in the sour taste. However, this signature dish is subject to availability daily.

I am falling in love with the aromatic roasted potato which is served with a small serving of cabbage roll. This sour cabbage is excellently marinated, not forgetting some pork gravy which complements with the pork!

#8 Bavarian Pizza @ RM33

The signature pizza is porky as well, with chunks of pork in between layers of cheese. Thin and crispy, it is in fact better than the usual Italian pizza.

#9 German Carbonara (德国意大利面) @ RM22

The carbonara sauce is not too thick, despite of the creamy texture. Overall, it’s preferable if you are not a pork person, because it is only served with some light crispy bacon which blends into the cream.

 #10 Aglio Olio in Olive Oil @ RM22

 Very well-prepared with the right balance of spices and olive oil.

#11 Tiramisu Cake @ RM12

#12 Opera Cake @ RM12

Both cakes are signature desserts from Café Vienna, one of Bavarian Beergarden’s sister company which is located next door. They're meant to satisfy the caffeine lovers.

 #13 Apple Strudel @ RM12

The signature dessert at Bavarian is the fruity pastry, served with light apple sauce. I expected vanilla ice cream to be served in scoops but it is never disappointing even without that. Sweet and savoury!

 #14 Linzer Corte @ RM12

The pie is usually prepared during Christmas, but Cafe Vienna serves it here throughout the year. The savoury pie is good with the thick fruity jam and grounded hazelnuts. 


What truly perfects a porky meal is some high quality beer which suits my preference of getting something mild. There will be more to try on during my next visit!

1. Personally I feel that their sumptuous pork dishes are seriously good, with perfect taste and quality!  Truly awesome pork experience, it’s so far the best I’ve sampled.
2. I love 9 out of 10 of the pork dishes, but my favourite among all is the Pork Ribs! 
3. Penny wise? It's quite pricey but definitely worth your satisfaction at the end of the meal. Consider the imported swines of high quality and savory tastes. 

Bavarian Bierhaus 
German Restaurant and Bar
1.0.1 - 1.0.2 Ground Floor,
Pearl International Hotel,
Batu 5,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7982 3900

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