14 May, 2012

Bangkok Connexion @ Jalan Ampang

After spending an evening around Kuala Lumpur city centre, it’s time to hunt for some food to fill my stomach. Strategically located along Jalan Ampang, this restaurant is easily accessible within a walking distance from KLCC. 

Upon arrival during the evening, I can easily find a parking space at the site behind this row of restaurant at only RM3 per entry. Reasonable rate especially around KL area.

Bangkok Connexion serves Halal authentic Thai food, and a wide array of cocktails, wine and alcoholic drinks. This bistro is well-lit with romantic candle lights for each table as well as myriads of spot lights around the stage area. 

If you fancy of drinking during the late night, here are vast selections of imported beer at affordable price. Indeed it’s a nice place to have a drink, chit-chat and relax. 

Left: Chilled Tomato Juice @ RM10
Right: Soursop de Guava @ RM12

Firstly, we ordered two glasses of chilled fruit juice to quench our thirst before dining. Disappointingly, the tomato juice is from canned drinks and the soursop juice isn’t as fresh as expected. Being overpriced is another downside of the beverages here.

 #1 Lemongrass Prawn Salad @ RM 13.50

To start off, the fiery-red hot dish is served. Tickle taste buds with tantalizingly tangy salads, of displaced prawns that made new homes in beds of lemongrass flavoured greens. Its taste is acceptable with the fairly-fresh prawns, but a tad too spicy to torture my tongue!

#2 Soup Gai @ RM7

To wash off the spiciness, I enjoy each spoonful of Thai style chicken and potato soup seasoned with pepper. It reminds me of the Chinese ABC Soup, if it has shredded onions in the soup.

#3 Tom Yam Talay @ RM7

This mixed seafood sour spicy soup is light yellow in colour, but I promise you that it tastes much spicier than the normal fiery red one that you usually have. I enjoy the generous amount of seafood including squids, prawns and fish cutlets. 

 #4 Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai @ RM14.90

Here comes the main course, Thai green paste curry with chicken. Far different from the Thai green curry I've had before, this looks not as green but very spicy. Disappointingly, the cinnamon is too strong as it covers the fragrance of the curry itself.

#5 Phad Bung Nam Prig Gapi @ RM10.90

Since the heaven-by-chilli does not sound as appealing as it should, I enjoyed having this platter of stir-fried kangkung with shrimp paste sauce the most. Despite of being a little similar to the Chinese style of cooking kangkung, it's still crispier and more flavourful than the usual ones I have.

#6 Tab Tim Krob Ma Pao @ RM12

To conclude this simple meal, the homemade red ruby water chestnut, sago, jackfruits, icy coconut milk served in fresh coconut is definitely a must-have Thai dessert! The small red jewels are water chestnut covered with tapioca flour, served with sweeten coconut milk and shaved ice. Shredded jackfruit and jellied coconut flesh are added to this dessert to make it special.

Apart from the enjoyment of chewing the red ruby, I realise that the taste, texture and fragrant of the combined ingredients is indescribably delicious!

1. Overall, the taste is fair and acceptable as I enjoyed 4 out 6 dishes.
2. I had a good time relaxing at an acceptably quiet ambiance when there's no performance at the night. 
3. The portion is fairly small for categorical dishes, but looks quite huge for other individual meals such as fried rice, noodles etc.

Bangkok Connexion 
174 – 176A, 
Lot 26, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603- 2171 2710 / 016-227 7100

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