20 May, 2012

Shogun Japanese Buffet @ Fahrenheit88, KL

Disclaimer: HUGE Disappointment with Shogun!

Last few months, I've bought this coupon @ RM 29.90 from everyday.com.my just because of the 50% discount despite of the numerous bad reviews regarding the freshness of the food at Shogun. When the deal is opened during the first day, it already hits more than 500 buyers! 

And during the last day before the deal ends, it reaches a number of  over 2000 people buying it!
I bet Malaysians are really very convinced by DISCOUNTS rather than QUALITY. Well, I bought it due to my curiosity. So this is my first time trying out Shogun, after many times of paying a visit to its close competitor, Jogoya.

What I found from Shogun website: 
"All Shogun outlets serve more than 200 variety of fusion food ranging from Chinese, Thai and Western Cuisine. Come and taste the fresh oyster, tuna, abalone and to add on, the Chinese Herbal soup like the Chef Special Chicken Essence Soup, Shark fin Soup and “Fatt Tiew Cheong” (Buddha Jump Over the Wall)."
To my disappointment, there's no tuna, oyster or abalone. 
And not to mention, the 200 varieties is the greatest lie among all. 

#1 "Fatt Tiew Cheong" (Shark fin soup in Cantonese and Fujian cuisine)

This seems to be one of the most expensive food stuff available for this buffet. 
It is supposed to be of rich taste, but it turns out to be quite bland.

#2 Raw Salmon Slices

Out of all varieties, I only fancy salmon the most. 
The only thing that makes me feel happy is that this raw salmon is freshly cut and taste good.

#3 Another plate of salmon, which I have to eliminate the layer of skin before eating them.

#4 Salmon Bone Teriyaki

I personally like the teriyaki sauce 
but the salmon seems to be overcooked as the texture becomes very difficult to be chewed.

#5 70% Cooked Salmon with Garlic, specially requested from the chef. 
This dish eliminates the taste of freshness of the salmon, but it still tastes great.

#6 Now you can see the interior part of the salmon is still raw, 
while the exterior is enriched with the scent of garlic.

#7 Assorted Sushi, made of 80% rice, enough to make you get bloated.

#9 I love colours, but I don't really fancy the sushi. 

I'd wish I can find sushi rolls there! 

#11 Huge Steamed Prawns, but they aren't as fresh as I've expected. 

#12 Tempura Prawns, which turn out to be quite oily and meatless.

#13 Chinese-styled Crabs; Looks unappetizing so I didn't try any.
I was searching for some fresh crabs, but sadly none is available there.

#14 Shark fin soup and Miso soup, which taste normal.

#15 Pudding in Avocado. With Mochi as the background.

Now it's dessert time although I'm not quite satisfied with the main courses. Honestly, the desserts fulfill my gastronomical needs more! Love the avocado and mochi to the max!

#16 Assorted Ice Cream

Only 7 flavours available: Green tea, honeydew with sago, vanilla coffee,
chocolate mint, raspberry, sweet corn and mango.  

#17 Colorful Puddings which cheat kids -______-

#18 I'm a lil excited to see my fave Takoyaki Balls there, 
but to my disappointment, it is a plain ball made of flour with no fillings.  
Even those from night market taste better than these!

#19 Assorted Cakes and Salad, as if you're strolling at some food fair or night market =.="

#20 Chawan Mushi --- Half cup empty, and it's plain egg without mushroom.

To sum up, here's my verdict for Shogun Japanese Buffet:
#1 Very limited choices
#2 Poor taste
#3 Don't revisit next time!

For my next choice of Japanese buffet, I'd certainly love to try Tao and Tenji. 
:D Any other recommendations there? 

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