17 May, 2012

Herbs & Spices @ Sri Petaling

A food haven like Sri Petaling always brings me excitement from time to time, because recently I found a local and western cuisine restaurant which serves a good range of Malaysian delights.

What interests me is the name of the restaurant, Herbs & Spices, where the group of passionate people pick most of the herbs and spices from Kelantan, instead of KL, for a higher quality of raw materials. Also, the skillful chefs use traditional Hainanese recipes and marinate for hainanese/grilled western dishes.

#1 Curry Fish Head (Price varies based on weight)

The No.1 local favourite here is no other than this rich Malaysian curry. Prepared by an experienced chef who formerly worked at hotels, he explains that he cooks the New Zealand Ling fish-head in rich curry gravy with vegetables including lady finger, brinjal, long bean, tomato and taufu pok. Like many patrons, I'd love to dip some Roti Prata into the aromatic broth for better enjoyment!

 #2 Nasi Dagang Ayam Goreng @ RM12.00 

The famous East-Coast traditional rice becomes a signature dish here, by a Kelantanese chef who is equipped with the know-hows better than anyone else here. It is accompanied with a marinated, boneless chicken chop, sambal, egg and acar which perfects the balanced meal. The crispy skin of the bird is rich in local herbs and spices flavours, whereas the flesh is fluffy inside.

  #3 Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol (Malaysian Tuna) @ RM9.50 

Gulai Ikan Tongkol or better known as Malaysian Tuna Curry is another famous local dish. To me, it's rather difficult to find really fresh tuna around the city. But I find the fresh one in this restaurant with a firm and dense texture. It is rather like white meat and is not fishy at all!

  #4 Nasi Dagang Beef Rendang @ RM12.00 

You have a choice among beef rendang, ikan tongkol and fried chicken. On top of that, the rice plays the most important role here. Here I'm rewarded with a good combination of warm white rice and brown glutinous rice with a rich flavour of coconut milk and blended spices. 

 #5 Mee Mamak @ RM9.50 

I have never forgotten my delightful experience with Penang Mee Mamak, and I'm glad that I found a comparably good one around KL. Upon serving, an appetizing waft fills the air and I enjoy the fried beancurds in this fragrant dish.

#6 Hainanese Chicken Chop @ RM15.90 

Kids and youngsters may opt for western food, so you can bring your family here for this signature dish. The brown gravy graciously slathered upon the deboned chicken thigh, and topped with peas and onions. Crispy outside and fluffy inside, this would be my favourite and also the best-selling dish at this restaurant.

 #7 Crispy Hainanese Chicken Thigh

 #8 Grilled Sirloin Steak @ RM26.50 

 #9 Grilled Rib Eye Steak @ RM28.80 

Both beef dishes are equally good when char-grilled slowly into medium state, with the deeper flavours of char revealed while retaining the original juiciness of the meat.

 #10 Braised Lamb Shank @ RM26.50

The lamb shank is slowly braised into perfection and drizzled with the rich herb gravy which enhances the heavier note of the meat. It's also great for sharing, considering the relatively big portion.

#11 Mashed Potato

Truthfully, the creamy mashed potato melds well with the chef's special sauce which comes with the lamb, especially when it is served piping hot from the kitchen. 

#12 Grilled Salmon @ RM19.00 

#13 Mixed Grill @ RM29.50 

Mixed Grill platter comes with a portion of Grilled Lamb Shoulder, Grilled Chicken Chop, Fish Fillet, Jumbo Sausage, 3 prawns with a side of potato salad. Also a good portion for sharing, and makes a better choice if you want to try different meats at one go. 

#14 Cream Caramel @ RM5.00

Egg custard caramel is made in-house and complements the tangy flavours from the mixed fruits and nata de coco. Chewy and vibrant in colours, it leaves a sweet endnote for the meal.

#15 Sago Melaka @ RM4.00

A homemade Sago Pudding is drenched in rich coconut milk and the house specially prepared Gula Melaka using Gula Manisan from Kelantan. Soft sago with sweet and aromatic flavours is definitely a must-try!

 #16 English Trifle @ RM6.50 

A traditional English dessert like this is normally found in hotels but Herbs & Spices serves this here with a stunning presentation of colours, textures and flavours. Topped with cream and maraschino cherry, the layers are made of cake, jelly and jam which would taste especially good for those who have a sweet tooth.

#17 Apple Pie Ala Mode @ RM8.00
Apple Pie served with a scoop of ice cream.

#18 Hot Boh Teh Tarik @ RM2.50

Herbs and Spices Restaurant also offers catering services at the second floor (Directly above the restaurant) which can accommodate up to 100 pax. Call them up if you're interested in getting them as food provider for your meetings, family gatherings, open houses, parties, celebrations etc.

1. A good casual eatery which gathers famous food around Malaysia.
2. Halal and affordably priced, Herbs & Spices suits diners of all races and classes. 
3. Personally I prefer this than Old Town Kopitiam, and I can't wait for my next visit there to sample some Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, and Black Pepper Udon!

Restaurant Herbs & Spices KL
51, Jalan Radin Bagus, 
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-9057 5592 
Facebook: fb.com/Restaurant.HerbsSpices.KL


  1. I love all these hot and spify food.

  2. wow, the beef looks delicious, so does the lamb shank, but the hainan chicken chop looks ordinary to me

  3. U put a link for each alphabet spelling Sri Petaling. So creative. haha

    Love the custard pudding..... look so smooth.

  4. Hehehe.. I think old town food is pretty sucky. Paparich serves better food =p Will give this place a try if i come across it =)

  5. Yummmm.... I think I would love this place but those western dishes, I'd pass. Not really crazy about those - prefer our own local specialties.

  6. nasi dagang! one of my favorite malay recipes. just as yummy as nasi lemak, heheh :D

  7. Herbs & Spices @ Sri Petaling
    Superb photos just like before
    Displaying food so appetizing
    Continue to give us some more

    Thanks for your nice blog

  8. eh ehhhhhh...everything looks good, seriously....;DDDDD the nasi and the steak....om nom nom~

  9. 看起来,价钱不会太贵,食物的presentation 做得很好,吸引人

  10. Oh my god. The food is heaven!! The steak! PINKISH me likeyyyy. Medium rare for beef is always the best. YUmmyyyy.

  11. Yum!! I want the curry fish head!

  12. The apple pie with ice cream looks delicious!

  13. OMG food all look's great!!! I feel like going here someday :) thanks for sharing this entry!!


  14. Wow.. There lots of variety..
    Wat attract me is d curry fish head..
    D curry looks like Redang then some more got fresh tomato... Nice...

  15. looks absolutely delicious!! love the chicken chop, the sirloin steak and the grill!! yummy~~

  16. everything in this post look so yummy, gonna go try one day...:D

  17. I will put aside the western spread and jump for the Asian cuisines. My my, the ayam goreng with nasi dagang is so crispy and crunchy. Any kind of nasi I will enjoy and those with the sambal and pickled vegs are splattering with spicy flavours. Will be a good try for me and yes, the lamb for my other half.

  18. yum yum. a feast for the eyes and stomach.

  19. I just had some nasi dagang ikan tongkol in terengganu and I love it. The pic here looks just as great :D

  20. Omg the food looks so awesomeee! :D

  21. Everything looks so good, what a delicious feast. I'd love that lamb with the mashed potatoes!

  22. Thanks for popping in an commenting on my blog. This was so impressive, I am now following you on Google +. Your stunning pictures really convey what a wonderful atmosphere this restaurant has. Also, the menu selection is top notch, your vibrant photos do entice. No doubt this was an enjoyable place to dine. Wish I was right around the corner from the restaurant, but your post here is the next best thing!

  23. nice one.. this week can spend my time having makan trip in Sri Petaling! LOL!

  24. Hmmm surprisingly not that mahal wor

  25. Always fascinated to see asian food together with western. Prices are so reasonable. I wanna try!

  26. I just went there on Wednesday! The food is good! Your photo makes them look more delicious!!

  27. The moment I saw Kelantan, I was hoping for Nasi Dagang and it's here, it's here YAY! Yummy, one of my fave food is Nasi Dagang and that Kelantanese version looks absolutely divine, yum! :D

  28. Your photos make the food look stunning - I love herbs and spices all the time (interpret that whichever way desired ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  29. how long that i didnt went for food review u temper me >.<

  30. I love the outcome of the pictures you share here, all looks tempting umph!! i came by to see the menu again hahaha... saliva also running out..

  31. maybe I prefer this than old-town? I wan makan kaya butter bread :P

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