19 May, 2012

La Risata @ Jalan Ampang, KL

La Risata, meaning “the laughter” are two jovial little trattorias tucked away in the suburban areas of Ampang and Damansara. The unassuming décoration and informal dining has won over diners from all around the neighbourhood for over 14 years. 

Warm, earth-hued furnishings and subdued lighting create a cosy ambience for relaxed dining. The walls are made of bricks and unfinished cement to create a modern yet rustic charm. Dining under a contemporary setting with old-fashioned charm is indeed a perfect experience for me! 

The interior of their flagship restaurant in Ampang features a double-storey sky-light courtyard with a beautiful antique chandelier being the center piece of the restaurant. 

Upstairs is their new “loft style” lounge where guests can enjoy drinks on comfortable retro sofas before or after dinner. Also featuring a wine cellar with an extensive wine list filled with a huge selection of wines.

Stepping into this outlet, I spot a perfect al-fresco area, suitable for casual dining.

 And then I eagerly scan through the menu for more excitements.

 #1 Homemade Bread with Tapenade

Complimentary before meal, they serve us fluffy bread with a dip of finely chopped olives and capers.

This rich olive spread is perfect when you're in the mood for a taste of the Mediterranean 
Well made with good ingredients, it is wonderful with a salty lushness.

#2 Ravioli Di Pesce @ RM27

This is the first remarkable dish I've uncovered during the meal. It is a house specialty of freshly made salmon ravioli in a creamy salmon sauce. The sauce is complementing the ravioli so well! It's definitely a must-try!

Being one of the traditional Italian starters, each sheet of fresh pasta is filled with a savory chunk of salmon with pepper. Considering this as an impressive masterpiece, I have no complaints at all with the specially made sauce which is rich in salmon taste.

#3 Pizza Tonnato @ RM27

As far as I concern, La Risata is well known for its good variety of Italian dishes ranging from traditional wood-fired oven thin to crispy pizzas that exudes the very essence of Italian dining – rustic, hearty and good. So how can I not try their signature Italian dish, pizza?

Topped with cold tuna sauce, capers and melted mozzarella cheese, the pizza is so flavourful with a perfect balance of saltiness! The smoked chicken breast chunks which fill another layer of the pizza, are so firm yet tender. 

#4 Caffe Latte @ RM 7.00

Accompanying the hearty Italian food, milky caffeine would be good as part of the recipe for a fantastic evening!

#5 Fresh Honey Dew Juice @ RM 11.00

Served in a wine glass, this unsweetened, freshly blended fruit juice is definitely priced reasonably, concerning the quality ingredients used.

For a better dining enjoyment, you can always opt for more adventurous beverages as listed above. 

1. As much as I fancy the food, I love the environment and the interior as well.
2. Salmon ravioli is undeniably the best I've ever had! 
3. Highly recommended for celebrations and special occasions. And I'd definitely have a second visit here!

La Risata (Bar, Pizzerea, Ristorante)
16, Pesiaran Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-4252 6269
Fax: 603-4257 9503

There's another outlet of La Risata @ Damansara too, here goes the address:
128 Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603–2095 9572

Business Hour:
Lunch: 12.00pm-2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm-10.30pm


  1. the pizza is so thin eh? must be very crunchy! =D

  2. Good place for a peaceful fine dining!

  3. Now you make me hungry HAHAHA XD and just wanna let you know that now I can't stop smiling after reading your comment, never got any comment that cute/funny/genius like that before!

  4. La risata! i've always wanted to try out this place! wah.. you're always faster than me...;P

  5. The Olive Spread and the Ravioli really looks good, thanks for the tip of such a fine dining place !

  6. Nice rustic and romantic deco and surely all the food looks good. My eyes were focussing more on the wine bottles and than to the cocktails this place has to offer. I am once a while into these kind of food, however impressive I must say.

  7. I like the complimentary bread with olives and capers! The salmon ravioli looks delicious!

  8. awesome. cant wait to see how you're blogging for foodpanda/comica lol. i have no idea how it should be for my blog hahah The Re-launch of Friendster

  9. Hi Fish,
    This is old Uncle Rain visiting
    Reading your article is quite a thrill
    The Salmon Ravioli looks so tempting
    Thumbs up to your photography skill

    Bye, for now.

  10. hmmm the ravioli does look amazing! very creamy and appealing :D

  11. Impressive wine collection.

    Nice ambiance too.

    Sure looks like a good place to enjoy a meal. ^^

  12. Once there at Damansara outlet.. nice place to have!

  13. I loveeeee the pasta there =D The pizza is good too.

  14. I dun really like "wet" pizza hahah, but since u say it is nice would give it a try if I saw it lmao

  15. Thank you for your lovely blog. LaRisata


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