31 May, 2012

TDH 3.5 Night Run Event Launch @ Tom, Dick & Harry's, TTDI

Calling upon all of you who care for the society! 
Your contribution is needed here, no worries it doesn't involve huge sum of money.

Tom, Dick and Harry (TDH), a place known for good food and alcoholic drinks around the neighbourhood, has something interesting for all of you this time! Run by these 3 shiny headed men, Mr. Bruce Wong, Ernest Ong and Colin Soh, is now organizing a charity run as a contribution to the red ribbon society, or formally known as Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF)

The first night run organized by TDH had recruited only 16 runners in 2 years back, and since then, they have been organizing runs every quarter of a year. Due to the overwhelming responses during the previous  5km 3.0 "Konfirm 'Mou Man Tai'" Night Run in March 2012 where they manage to recruit 700 runners, this time it collaborates with MAF to help raise funds and create awareness of HIV / AIDS.

Come 1st of July 2012, the 5km 3.5 "A 'Mou Man Tai' Life" Night Run is waiting for you here. The organizers reveal that they expect to draw 2000 runners this time, and a carnival will be held on the spot!

Dr. Ilias bin Adam Yee from MAF then explains that HIV faces 2 main challenges: Stigma and Discrimination. Society nowadays just tends to stay away from those who HIV-positive, or we would just ignore these people, thinking that they can no longer contribute to the society. It is so wrong that we must change our perceptions and do something to help them!

We should understand that HIV can only be transmitted in 3 ways: Blood, pregnancy, sex. The most common cause is of course unprotected sex, so all of us are given a pack of TDH branded condoms to keep ourselves reminded that we must be safe than sorry!

The best thing about the run is, you can have free flow of beer after the run! So syok! 

Stop the spread of the disease and give a helping hand to those who are suffering from the disease.
Let's spread news of the run for charity on the 1 July 2012. 

Ready for the run now? See you on 1 July 2012!
Get your registration form at any Tom, Dick & Harry's outlet!

Tom, Dick & Harry's
18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7729 5678
Operating Hours: 
Weekdays: 4pm - 2am
Weekends: 10am - 2am


  1. Uncle Rain says,

    "An event for a good cause
    To the organisers a big applause
    A charity run is what it's about
    Let us pray for a bigger turnout

    Be there for the Red Ribbon Society
    You don't have to spend a lot of money
    Wow, free flow of beer after the run
    Be there for the excitement and fun"

  2. "free flow of beer after the run" , eemm... not healthy ler!

  3. Go! Go! But don;t ask me to run... *faints!!! LOL!!!

  4. i am with you, it is not right to change our perception on people just because they acquired a disease, a time when they needed more help, they get more rejection :(

  5. I'm going if U r going.. :p.. But with 2k people, I think it's hard to meet each other huh?? No worry, the free flow beer is more interesting.. :p

  6. Free flow of beer? That's great but unfortunately I can't drink beer after a run! LOL

  7. this is a great project.. salute to those who organized this event and also to those who are attending!

  8. 5km night run ? hahah me walk 1km la lol


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