07 June, 2012

The Giraffe @ Meru, Klang

Looking for a decently-priced Western cuisine with a good ambiance? Klang is the way to go!

Strategically tucked behind Klang Parade, this vibrant corner shop would not be a miss for those who love to enjoy a diverse taste of food. But no, they don't serve giraffe meat!

Started with The Shepherdoo and The Chopsticks Restaurant in Centro Mall, now the business has expanded to the third outlet in Klang, featuring many faces of giraffes! 

Started in May 2012, this new restaurant has gained popularity among the neighbourhood. I drop by on a Sunday evening, and all the seats are fully occupied! The only available dining area is this comfy sofa with colorful soft pillows, accompanied by baby giraffes. 

The giraffes are self-painted according to the designer's creativity!

Apart from the beautifully-designed interior, the al-fresco dining allows you to chill with some snacks with a pint of beer.

True to its tagline, "The Giraffe, Home for the Food Lovers", it offers a global range of food. From salads, burgers, grills, pastas, to noodles, rice, and pancakes, it is rather difficult for me to pick only a few dishes to try on!

#1 Grass Jelly Teh Tarik Blended (拉茶凉粉冰沙) @ RM7.90

#2 Traffic Light Solero Smoothies (红绿灯冰沙) @ RM9.90

Upon arrival, we are greeted with some thirst quenchers. The smoothie is icy cold, with an yellow-red-green ice cream dipped into it then topped with a spoonful of foam. How can the young kids resist such cute smoothie?

#3 From left:
Orange + Pineapple (柳橙+黄梨) @ RM8.30
Tomato + Sour Plum (番茄+话梅) @ RM7.60  
 Orange + Carrot + Celery (柳橙+胡萝卜+西芹) @ RM8.30
Umbra + Sour Plum (红毛甘那+话梅) @ RM7.50

#4 Rome’s Caesar Salad (凯撒沙拉) @ RM10.80 

Tossed in light Caesar dressing, the crispy bacon bits and croutons simply add texture to the healthy bowl along with my favourite parmesan cheese.  Not too wet and soaky, the amount of dressing is just right.

#5 French’s Alpes Salad @ RM12.80 

Giraffe’s recommendation. Some country style salad is completed with huge chunks of tuna and eggs. What makes it so unique is the homemade sweet mustard dressing, which tickles my taste buds without any pungent smell.

#6 Porkie Fries (炸午餐肉) @ RM8.80 

The fried pork sticks made of luncheon meat is so good when served piping hot and I enjoy snacking like French fries by dipping into Siamese sweet chilli mayo.

#7 Jumbo Tower Platter (超级珍宝拼盤塔) @ RM59.80 

3 layers of pork platter, wings platter and snacks platter have different taste but they are all so crispy. Best goes with mango dip! Great for large group sharing, because you would want to reserve some space to try on more signature porky dishes!

#8 Wasabi, Mango and Thousand Island

#9 Pigs In Blanket (培根香肠卷) @ RM13.80 

I find its name quite attractive, so I order this platter of baked sausages wrapped with streaky pork bacon. The bacon is nicely done, with good ratio of greasy fat and juicy meat. Delicious!

#10 Teriyaki Pork Belly (日本照烧猪腩肉) @ RM13.90 

For the starters, I personally love this Japanese styled grilled pork belly on skewer the most. One of the house specialty which you mustn't skip! It is light with almost no visible fatty layer, very appetizing while served with slightly sweet dark sauce.

#11 Tuna Prawn Tart (吞拿炸虾塔) @ RM11.80 

Breaded ever so lightly, it doesn’t overpower the juicy pieces inside and hence, made to perfection.

#12 The Giraffe’s Townhouse Burger Stacko (叉烧三文治) @ RM36.60 

My gastronomical journey is brightened by the star of the night, triple stack juicy “Char Siew” sauce minced pork burger with smoked bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce. Recommended for 4 pax sharing because I believe one person can only finish at most a stack of the burger. The grill is nicely done but very filling, not to mention the crisp cocktail of fries.

#13 Piggy Pork Burger (猪肉堡) @ RM15.80 

For individual portion, you can try on this one. The Giraffe is famous for their signature blend of minced ground pork patty, and I find it really perfect when grilled with smoky BBQ sauce. On top of that, the pickles, melted cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato add more flavours to the porkiness!

#14 Ale-House Styled BBQ Ribs (烧烤猪排骨) @ RM26.80 

Here comes the house specialty dish which I savour the most. I enjoy the flame-grilled smoked pork ribs which is smothered with hot BBQ sauce. Each rib is so rich in BBQ taste with hints of sweetness.

#15 Burgundy Chicken Chop (芥辣鸡排) @ RM13.50

#16 Italian Pork Saltimbocca (意大利式猪柳) @ RM13.80

Lightly breaded, I love this chewy, boneless pork when drizzled with homemade brown sauce.  The only downside is, the sauce is left cold upon serving. However, the coleslaw mayonnaise adds a zest to them all!

#17 Mint Lamb Chop (薄荷羊排) @ RM15.80 

If you favour something apart from pork, then this grilled New Zealand lamb shoulder is the next best alternative. The lamb is nicely done without going overcooked, and generously drenched in sweet minty sauce.

#18 Mexican Pork Chop (墨西哥猪排) @ RM13.80

Frankly I think their pork chop over rice dish is delicious: A well-cooked Mexican-styled tomato gravy over the buttered rice and flame-grilled pork chop in BBQ seasonings. It is well-balanced, revealing uniqueness.

#19 Kampung Fried Rice (乡村炒饭) @ RM9.60 

Local delight never fails to tempt us with the aromatic herbs and spices, especially the generous amount of belacan used in this fried rice.

#20 Pork Chop Fried Rice (猪肉炒饭) @ RM11.60

The lovely bread crumb pork chop is done slightly crispy outside and not too hard inside. You may find it dry, but a bowlful of swiss sauce, mustard sauce or mango mayo is ready to add a twist to your rice!

#21 Mee Goreng (嚒嚒炒面) @ RM8.80 

Rolling out from the kitchen, I can smell its goodness. The hot and spicy flavour is well immersed into the stir-fried yellow noodles along with egg, bean sprout, tomatoes, fried bean curd and homemade sambal.

#22 A La Bolognaise (猪肉碎茄汁意粉) @ RM12.50

The Giraffe can never goes wrong with the classic pasta. Sprinkled with cheese powder, it is creamy and pasta cooked al dente which I craved all the more. 

#23 Tom Yam Pork Ribs Pasta (泰式东炎猪排骨) @ RM27.80 

When it is served on the table, I can't wait to try this because of its strong, spicy aroma with some lemon leaf fragrance. Pork ribs in double-bite size is perfect when drenched in thick red sauce.

#24 Roast Chicken Wrap (烧烤鸡肉卷) @ RM11.80

Shredded roast chicken is wrapped in tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, melted cheese, mustard dressing and served with chips. Kids would certainly love to bite on the salty chips. As for me, I love the light dressing in it as the mustard is not too pungent in taste.

#25 Korean Pan Cake (韩式煎蛋饼) @ RM7.50 

Even the chef’s special pancake has minced pork in it! It is much thicker and soggy than the original Korean version, but it doesn't matter because the pork has added texture to its softness inside.

#26 Hot Chocolate Lollipop @ RM7.90

There's no way to take it directly into your mouth, because it hardly melts. Such lollipop is meant to be mixed with some hot milk, and here's the instruction to do it:

When heated indirectly, the chocolate melts and then drips slowly into the white milk. It may need some patience from you, as the whole process takes a short 10-15 minutes.

Now that I'm done with my cup of hot chocolate milk! 
There it goes for a good night sleep after the sumptuous meal.

#30 Chocolate Cake (巧克力蛋糕) @ RM6.80

A meal is never complete without dessert. Here we go for a thick slice of double chocolate cake, with the upper mousse layer and bottom spongy cake. What a sweet sin that all chocolate lovers would go for!

#31 Men In Black (Blueberry) (蓝梅口味啤酒) @ RM13.80

Another interesting thing about The Giraffe is that they brew homemade beers of assorted flavours! From blueberry, pomegranate, lychee to green tea and mango, the fruit-infused beer is less gassy and women love them the most!

#32 Giraffe Stirrer

1. It is a good place to hang out for family and friends around the neighbourhood, with the extensive menu of reasonable prices.
2. Recommended: Pork Belly, Townhouse Burger Stacko, BBQ Ribs
3. Everything is so good and its price stuns me! I must try on their German Pork Knuckle during my next visit!

The Giraffe
L4-1-2 Jalan Pekan Baru 34, 
41050 Klang, Selangor.
Contact: 603-3341 8933
Website: www.thegiraffe.com.my
Email: inspiration.ice@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/theGiraffeHome
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 1.00am daily


  1. This place is sooo cute!!! Love all the animals. =)

  2. It looked like you have practically covered the whole restaurant menu~ Haha~ Impressive spread indeed~ I should make an effort to drop by this place soon~ :)

  3. wowwww...absolutely amazing..love it..:)
    very tempting cliks
    Tasty Appetite

  4. I call that the "Rainbow Sofa"
    With pillows of different colors
    Nice dishes esp the Pork Saltimbocca
    They are making my mouth waters

  5. I really love the deco there!! So giraffe feeling! =D

  6. OMG.. U had too much nowadays.. lol

  7. The place looks cute and the food looks yummy as well! :D

  8. Such a nice place! And the signboard is cute too. Food they served here looks not bad oso...summore got PORK! ^_^

  9. This place is a favorite just by the colorful giraffes!

  10. Oh...such a long post~~~ *fainted*

  11. wow, i love the decor, with all the giraffes. and the food looks better than expected too. i've never been to klang for food before, but this looks like a good place to travel to :D

  12. Wonderful thank you to you... Fish !
    Mother in-law's house is 5 minutes from Klang Parade, did not know about this place !
    definitely an outing for the kids and wife and wife's mother !!! Like the theme ...
    I like how they place the greens surrounding the eatery, although a little superficial but still go thoughts into the whole design !

  13. argh...dun wanna friend you already...my tummy rumbling alresdy

  14. haha.. that's near where i stay but till now haven go there~

  15. I guess that woman love sweet beer huh ..

  16. oh my ! why do I always torture myself by visiting your blog in the middle of the night and drooling over the food pictures T.T
    Anyway, I nominated your blog for a blog award games. I'd like to pass the award for you. Please check my blog to find out. Cheers :D

  17. Ooooooo....love those giraffes!!! So very nice! I would like the Italian pork dish, please - looks absolutely yummy.

  18. Whoaaa the tower platter and burger stacko!! It's a dinosaur feast! But not so good for the waistline! LOL! But everything looks YUMM!

  19. We had a Giraffe here sometime back but already closed down. Not sure if it's the same joint. Appetizing menu!

  20. Let me guess the favorite animal of this restaurant's owner. His favorite animal is giraffe!

  21. I'm so hungry after looking at these pictures. I love the decor of this restaurant... so quirky!

  22. Aiya, giraffe meat dishes kah? he he he

  23. OMG! I want the teriyaki pork belly!! Yum!!! I like the giraffe theme of this restaurant. So many giraffes! : D

  24. This is so cute and well giraffe-y :D
    Love the interior/exterior and the wonderful dishes!

    Choc Chip Uru

  25. it always is a colorful and gastronomic treat to be here :)

  26. Hi Fish, thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. The food sure look good and tempting.

    Have a nice weekend.

  27. Hi Fish, thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures. All the food look sooo... good and appetizing.

    Have a nice weekend.

  28. Nice foods and the price are reasonable. But Klang is really far haha

  29. so many kind of variety eh? :D in Meru summore! must go lol

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