06 June, 2012

Lobby Lounge & The Divans @ Eastin Hotel PJ

Hello people in this June! Since I'm on holiday now, I have been digging out pictures of the past century and now that I realise I have missed one blog entry for my perfect escapade to Eastin Hotel! I hope this long overdue post finds you well because it's of some good food and wine I found at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya!

Upon arrival, I just dropped by at the Lobby Lounge for a quick thirst quencher and this Topical Fruit Juice did a really good job here. If you do not know, the Lobby Lounge is a casual place for chatting and relaxing where you can slouch on the chair and rest your mind.

The management was kind enough to serve us with some local bites, starting off with my favourite Onde-Onde at the first tier. While served warm, I simply pop it into my mouth with a sweet sensation of oozing Gula Melaka! Then we have Deep-Fried Fritters and some Curry Puffs for tea. 

After exploring the hotel, I found a really good place for some premium cigar and wine! The island bar at The Cigar Divans is well-equipped with skilful people who mix a good concoction of cocktails for you.

Let's try the Cuba national drink, a glass of freshly-prepared classic Mojito Cocktail. The rum, mint and lime juice mixes well, with a slightly strong minty flavour which brings out the freshness of the drinks.

Considering that the mint is too strong, I opt for another version known as Mojito Lemon-Lime which is naturally not so sweet in taste, with a less concentrated lime and mint concoction. I love the light flavour in this glass more than the former one.

The Divans also served some finger food which would be good for complementing the cocktail. The Swan Cream Puff is soft and fluffy with its lovely swan shape portraying the elegance in this pastry. It was difficult for me to take the first bite on such delicate creation.

I was posing with the swan when Xiang suddenly appeared. It was a conincidence that he was smiling at the camera as well. Look how crispy is the outer layer of the swan pastry!

Next, here comes the Salmon Canape. The smoked salmon roll with butter spreaded on crusty bread is just perfectly balanced with an elegant aroma and firm texture.

Another sweet savoury dessert is the famous French Mille Crepe, with 20 thin crepes layering the fresh cream and vanilla custard. What a sweet seduction here!

Complementing the cigars are an exquisite collection of wines, liquors, non-alcoholic beverages and delectable snacks. Accompanied with the plush furnishings, you can just sit back and relax!

Whenever you have time, do leave your work (including mobile phone and iPad!), and just indulge in some exquisite things, be it a food, place, activities of people. Dear readers, do have a pleasant weekend ahead!

Lobby Lounge @ Ground Floor 
& The Divans @ Level 2,
Eastin Hotel 
13, Jalan 16/11, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7665 1111
Website: www.eastin.com

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  1. The swam cream puff is so cute!!!! I want it! http://bit.ly/LjMxO7

  2. All ur pictures look so yummmy! The onde onde is a good way to start off the meal =D

  3. Oooooo, nice Ondeh Ondeh! The swan's cute too. I would've brought one home with me :)

  4. Fish..alwiz looking sweet and lovely!

  5. Hello Fish.

    Ah...the swan cream puff looks cute. :-)

  6. hope you're having a nice holiday! :D

  7. Ah!!! The Swan...the symbol of Sibu town. They should make cream puffs like that here.

  8. I love them! they all look refreshing and delicious!

  9. That mojito looks great!

  10. Got to check out this one, next week I am lecturing a class over there !

  11. nah, dun even have time to enjoy oso lol . . .


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