24 June, 2012

Whitesoot- Simply FASTEST Online Fashion Store

My BBF's birthday is coming in less than 2 days! 

 Ah, what kind of gift should I get for her? Assignments are piling up and 
I just can't leave my butt from the working chair at this eleventh hour! 

Thanks to some blogger friends who recommend this to me! Whitesoot is an online female fashion store, bringing in high-street clothing at just a fraction of the price. It has been featured in Seventeen magazine (my fave!) and NTV7 as well! 

The best thing is, Whitesoot is having new arrivals every day, 
from Sunday to Thursday sharp at 8pm.
Aww I am so in love with the Topshop and ZARA-inspired dresses there!

STEP 1: Browse and Hunt What You Like! I found something really suitable for my BFF, and then I click "Place an Order" button at the bottom after I make sure the size and color I need. 

STEP 2: Fill in The Order Form. It will direct you to an order form, whereby you fill in particulars, delivery method but not making payment yet. Within 24 hours, you'll receive a confirmation email to them.

STEP 3: Proceed to the Payment (COD is available).

STEP 4: Relax and Expect The Arrival of Your Parcel at Anytime! Upon receipt of payment, Whitesoot mails your parcel the very next working day (Again, within 24 hours!). Their service is really good, as they provide me a delivery tracking code to keep me updated to the delivery progress. 

The whole shopping process is so simple and efficient right? 
Now I am ready for my BFF's birthday party tonight!

Let's do a final checking before gifting BBF this present. Not only the service is good, I'm very satisfied with Whitesoot's apparel of premium quality! The toga style is simply elegant with the stylish black shades, best for dinners and parties.

If you find the dress 'too formal', then a cropped tee would probably add the chicness and
now it's good to go for any casual outings and occasions!

Honestly, this is my first, quickest online shopping experience! I placed my order on a Thursday night, immediately at the midnight I received a confirmation email from Whitesoot. Next, I paid on Friday morning, and by evening they told me to track on the delivery. Finally, my pleasant Saturday morning began with the arrival of the elegant dress.

A good news exclusively for bloggers, 
come join me in Whitesoot Bloggers Circle for unlimited privileges! 

These bloggers don't have to be very famous; they just need to have consistent updates and a certain amount of readership. Come on girls, I know you want this :P 

Quick, drop an email at shopwhitesoot@gmail.com for more details!

More Information about Whitesoot:
Website: www.whitesoot.blogspot.com
Facebook: fb.com/whitesoot
Twitter: twitter.com/whitesoot


  1. woots! awesome dress there! u look gorgeous! :)

  2. lovely dress u got there! ooh I would love to know more about this. ;D

  3. what a nice dress! lovely lovely!

  4. Nice, very nice...and so cheap too!

  5. nice one. should get one for yourself:)

  6. Great price for a dress & u look so pretty!

  7. oh mai... love the dress that you ordered :D

  8. i love the dress but unfortunately it cannot fit in me.. :(

  9. Wow, great dress. Looking Good :)

  10. Good that everyone here love the dress.. I felt that material is, well...

  11. Great looking dress, very pretty and stylish.

  12. Oohh...lovely dress. I like it. Ok..will check out Whitesoot! Thanks for sharing.

  13. You looks so awesome in the pretty dress. So, did your friend love the dress too? =D

  14. beautiful dress.. fitting want.. ^_^

  15. You look good in that dress!!

  16. Nice dress! I am going to check out the website~

  17. Great choice! A little black dress can take you all over the place for many years to come. ;-)

  18. It is really good to see your blog here. Your dress is looking so gorgeous and beautiful. Thanks for giving us the information about whitesoot. It seems that there are various fashionable dresses are available at that store.

  19. Hey! Thanks for sharing. Online shopping in Malaysia is slowing picking up!

  20. This morning only, I ordered a handbag online. The website is Zalora.

  21. OH WOW!!! the bloggers circle is EXCELLENT! :D i'm so glad i stumbled upon this post. thanks for sharing!!

  22. Great. Another great online store ya.


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