30 July, 2012

Alan Yun: Restaurant Pin Xiang (品相大饭店) @ Aman Suria

I’m not familiar with Aman Suria but I have long heard that it is a crowded area with loads of good food and nice places to chill. This is my virgin visit to Pin Xiang, a Chinese seafood restaurant owned by local celebrity, Alan Yun. 

Alan Yun, one of the ambassadors of Pensonic Malaysia with Amber Chia and friends.

During the day, Pin Xiang offers the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice as well as a huge selections of noodles from Prawn Mee to Wantan Mee. I'm fortunate to visit this shop in the evening to try the home-style Chinese dishes.

If you realise, all the diners here are ladies! 
Is it a mere coincidence or they simply know that Alan Yun is coming over that night?

#1 Cheese Baked Crab (芝士焗蟹) @ Seasonal Price

Speaking of seafood, I’m fortunate to find such fresh succulent platter of crabs which is the key highlight of our menu. The meaty crab is so juicy with loads of sweetness yet not overwhelming with the thick buttery cheese sauce. 

#2 Prawns with Tasty Soy Sauce (鼓油王虾) @ Seasonal Price

The simple prawn dish on a bed of spring onions is finger licking good! The combination of fresh prawns and thick aromatic soy sauce is superb. The sauce is slightly sweet, bursting with flavours from deep-fried garlic. Lovely!

#3 Fried Noodle with Big Prawns (生虾炒生面) @ Seasonal Price

If you’re a seafood lover like me, I strongly recommend you this noodle dish perfectly crowned with gigantic prawns in the light, eggy gravy. Each spoonful of crispy rice noodle is not overly gooey, but good enough with hints of seafood sweetness. 

#4 Chicken Fillet in Butter Sauce (奶皇酥鸡) @ RM26

The biggest applause is saved for the delicious chicken. To my personal taste, I find the fluffy chicken coated with crisp batter is perfectly complemented with the creamy dressing of butter, milk and salted egg yolk! 

 #5 Spare Ribs in “Pou Ging” Sauce (葡京一支骨) @ RM5 per piece

My dining companion who isn’t a big fan of seafood is very smitten by the pork ribs. The fall-off-the-bone tender ribs are well-suffused with deep-seated sweet, sourish nuances. The creaminess of the sauce is simply irresistible!

 #6 Mao's Braised Pork @ RM40

Among the many porky dishes, the home-style Chinese braised pork is only as good as what it is cooked with. I poke a fork through the layers of fatty meat, it unravels almost instantly to reveal tender juicy goodness. 

Steaming hot buns are served deep-fried as a perfect escape to the bombardment of flavours. Best dipped into the porky sauce, but I love it with buttery or cheesy sauce from the seafood too.

One of the dining partner of the evening: 
Top model/actor, Isaac Ong puts a thumbs up to the dish! 

 #7 Ginger Steam Patin (姜蓉蒸鱼) @ Seasonal Price

The fish is bracingly fresh, further enhanced by the slightly salty sauce. How can I miss the silky smooth flesh on both sides of its cheek? 

#8 Salted Egg Long Beans (咸蛋桂豆苗) @ RM20 

There we go for something stronger in taste, proving that vegetables are no longer boring. The salted egg yolk coating has indeed livened the beans up, lightly salty and crisp!

#9 Kai Lan with Yam (芋头炒芥兰) @ RM25

The yam and vegetables in this dish actually work, but it is the chunks of yam that has me cloud nine. The only complaint if I were to have any, would be the small portion because we have been fighting for such delicious dish!

 #8 Tau Fu in Pumpkin Soup (黄金赏豆腐) @ RM25

Finally, I have my last spoonful of warm and fluffy white rice with the mildly sweet pumpkin gravy. Soft, smooth and creamy, the consistency of the gravy is just right for my liking.

Thanks to the experienced Chef for delighting us with his specialty dishes. The dinner is so enjoyable with mouth-watering dishes and hot celebrities as dining companions :P

1. I love this restaurant for its selection of humble fare that's akin to home-cooking. 
2. Recommended: Fried Noodle with Big Prawns, Kai Lan with Yam, Chicken Fillet in Butter Sauce and Spare Ribs in “Pou Ging” Sauce
3. Pricewise, surely you'd pay for the value of fresh, high-quality ingredients and tasty food.

Restaurant Pin Xiang
H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45,
Aman Suria,
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact:  603-7804 0798 / 016-291 0101
Website: www.pinxiang.com.my
Email: pinxiang@gmail.com
Operating Hours: 7.30am to 12midnight daily

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