31 July, 2012

Toh Yuen Chinese Fine Dining @ Hilton PJ Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant is no longer a new icon within the vicinity of Petaling Jaya. Famed for its impressive Dim Sum menu, now it introduces a whole new ala carte menu for both lunch and dinner. Glancing through the menu, I know I'm going to dine like a queen tonight!

For a special family occasion or business function, gather in one of the four private dining rooms at the Hilton Petaling Jaya hotel.


#1 Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Garlic & Chicken Floss 
(炸香脆鸡松软壳蟹) @ RM22 

We start off by exploring the authentic traditional Chinese cuisine which looks very similar to Pi Feng Tang (避风塘) style of cooking. Coupled with bits of aromatic garlic, the soft shell crab is crispy and good to go with added sweetness from the chicken floss.

#2 Chilled Pacific Clam with Salsa 
(莎莎珍珠鲍贝) @ RM28 

After a dish of warming the stomach, this imported clam then cools it down with a help of tangy onion and capcisums cuts. Very appetizing indeed. 

 #3 Deep Fried Lamb with Cumin & Dried Chilli 
(茴香酥辣炸羊肉粒) @RM28 

The lamb is a mouthwatering highlight. Marinated with spices and then deep fried to crisp cubes with different types of chillies, the lamb burst with meaty juiciness while the thin layer of cumin adds a delightful crunchiness.

SOUP (汤羹品味)

#4 Top: Double Boiled Wild Chicken with “Shi Hu” Soup
(石斛麦冬炖野鸡) @ RM32 

#5 Bottom: Double Boiled Village Chicken with “Chong Cao Hua” Soup 
(虫草花清炖土鸡) @ RM32 

To get the best out of the taste, how can I miss the soup which completes this oriental dining? These nourishing Chinese herbal soup are best to replenish nutrients and are good for digestion.


#6 Braised Sea Cucumber with Flower Mushroom & Abalone Sauce
(鲍汁白花菇烩海参) @ RM80

The mains begin with one of the top 10 signature dishes of Toh Yuen. Soaked into abalone sauce, each sea cucumber turns flavourful with abundance of health benefits. It remains slippery, but not too soft after being braised for hours. Thumbs up!

 #7 Steamed Canadian Black Cod Fish with “Yu Feng” Ginger Sauce 
(加拿大银鳕鱼清蒸渝风酥姜风味) @ RM32/100gram 

Black cod fish is my favourite fish after salmon because of its smooth, flaky texture and that evening I'm lucky to sample a fresh slice of fish with added crisp ginger topping. Without having to worry about the bones, each mouthful is simply enjoyable! 

#8 Sautéed Fresh Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk 
(黄金炒鲜虾球) @ RM50 

The tiger prawns are shaped like balls with an even coating of creamy salted egg yolk sauce. I especially love the sauce, neither overly salty nor dry for my liking. 

 #9 Deep Fried Smoked Duck with Fruit Sauce 
(果酱酥炸烟熏鸭) @ RM38 

Another highlight would be my favourite smoked duck with a great helping of tangy fruit sauce on a bed of sliced mangoes. Adding a twist to the local taste buds, the thin layer of meat burst with sweetness from the unique combination of fruits. Delicious!

 #10 Sautéed Venison Slice with Chinese Croissants & Cumin 
(孜然油条炒鹿肉) @ RM50

My dining companion especially likes this; The tender meat absorbs the flavours from the spices very well in the claypot. Mildly spicy, it remains moist and warm throughout the meal. 

 #11 Sauteed Celery with Lotus Roots & Pine Nuts 
(松子茜芹清炒藕片) @ RM30

The next local favourite offers a brief escape from the bombardment of flavours. This vegetable dish is lightly sauteed, very mild in taste and I enjoy munching through this crunchy combination.

  #12 Sauteed “Gong Bao” Vegetarian Chicken with Yam Ring
(素佛钵炒宫保鸡丁) @ RM60

I almost got deceived by the chicken cubes because it looks and tastes as though it is real chicken meat! Thumbs up to Master Chef Lee for the added menu of healthy yet mouth-watering selection. The mushy yam uncovers some succulent and crunchy bits of meat and vege, topped with generous amount of cashew nuts. 

 #13 Toh Yuen Signature Fried Rice 
(桃苑招牌香炒饭) @ RM35

Lastly, I hope I don't overload my stomach with our staple rice dish as I can't resist the aroma wafting in the air. Chunks of crabstick meat and prawns add texture to each spoonful, and I'm glad that the rice is moist enough along with its appealing colorful presentation. 


#14 Deep Fried Banana with Strawberry & Cheese Cake 
酥脆香蕉芝士蛋糕) @ RM30 
and Chilled Mixed Fruits (亚洲风情拼鲜果) @ RM30

Putting an endnote to the sumptuous dinner, I am served with something really unique. My favourite cheese cake and strawberry are stuffed into the fritter and deep-fried into golden brown perfection. Beyond the crispy hot skin lies the melting sweet texture, which is truly good and I'd wish to request for more!

#15 Master Chef Lee Kok Siong

It is indeed an enjoyable dinner, from traditional Chinese fare to local mouth-watering dishes. Master Chef Lee explains that he keeps the natural flavours and refrains from using artificial preservatives and addictives. Do check out www.ZestPJ.com for a full, extensive ala carte menu.

Note: Ala carte menu is available daily for lunch and dinner

1. All the signature dishes come in a huge portion, recommended for 10-pax dining. In terms of taste and presentation, I have no complaints at all.
2. Recommended: Deep Fried Smoked Duck with Fruit Sauce, Steamed Canadian Black Cod Fish with “Yu Feng” Ginger Sauce and Deep Fried Banana with Strawberry & Cheese Cake 
3. Pricewise, it is around RM800++ per table of 10, surely you'd pay for the value of good food.

Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant 
Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel,
No. 2, Jalan Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7955 9122 ext 4073 / 4074
Website: www.ZestPJ.com (F&B) or www.petaling-jaya.hilton.com (Hilton PJ)
Operating Hours: 12noon to 10.30pm daily except Sunday 11am to 10.30pm


  1. I've always love dining at this restaurant, food is awesome as well as their service (: you should try their fried mango with shrimp for appetizer, very nice!

  2. The food does looks nice but the portion is a lil bit too little... Gotta check it out myself to find out :D

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  3. Those clams with salsa look delicious.

  4. That fried rice looks promising!

  5. I'll definitely go for the smoked duck!! yummmm

  6. mmmm, prawns with salted egg yolk for me! :D

  7. I want Clams with Salsa, Steamed Cod Fish, Salted Egg Yolk in no particular order... :P

  8. Toh YUen - the one at Kuching Hilton also the same name and also serves pretty good food. The prawns look similar - very nice. We had one whole roast duck... Would love to try this smoked one. Looks so alluring!

  9. The portions look very small to me.. but then the smaller the tastier!! All the dishes shown above are what I would love to order!! *drool*

  10. Like everyone said, the food looks yummy! Price is quite reasonable I think...

  11. Some dishes look very fusion. Soft shell crab with chicken floss is interesting.

  12. as long as there are crabs and prawns i am good to go... they all look tasty oh my

  13. Oh..I love herbal soup!!Can I have 2 bowls? :P

  14. I'm practically salivating at your pictures! Ooo so scrumptious!

  15. yes the smoke duck looks very nice..

  16. WOW..That.is.strawberry.fritters? Ew or yum??XP

  17. The vegetarian chicken looks just like the real thing! I didn't realize it was vegetarian until I read your paragraph..heh

  18. wow fine dining! looks delicious but pricey for me :P

  19. Hi Fishiee,

    That crab with chicken floss looked yummy.

  20. Arghhhh I forgot I can read your blog when I have an empty stomach! I always leave hungry :/ but nonetheless love your restaurant review, I wish they are reviews for Vancouver.


  21. Never tried this place before..looks good!

  22. Wonderful dishes! Vegetarian chicken is really amazing, never tried it!

  23. Wow, seems so delicious. Such a shame that I didn't even notice the restaurant even though my office is so close to it. Will definitely try it out when I have the chance.

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  24. Vegetarian chicken for real? That sounds incredible :D


  25. Arhhh....I spotted smoked duck!1

  26. Thanks for joining us, Fish! Glad to know that you enjoyed the food!
    We look forward to meeting you again!

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      Food looking so good.Your food images is wonderful.Thanks for sharing this food images.
      Thank you.....

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