11 July, 2012

Furless, Be Fearless @ Jaya One

Speaking of the title of the post, "Furless" here means goodbye to shaving, not only on arms and legs, but also the intimate areas! This is a very sensitive post because I'm talking about the girls' private 'golden triangle' part. 

Newly opened in June 2012, Furless does all kinds of waxing on face, arms, body, legs and intimate areas. Instead of shaving, people talk about waxing for smooth and clean skin. 

Be confident and walk in bikinis after doing waxing, they said. But, beauty is only skin deep. At Furless, I'm more convinced that the removal of hair can greatly improve the hygiene, reducing the risk of growing bacteria. 

"Totally Threesomes" Package @ RM268

I sign for a package of complete removal of pubic hair. Originally it is RM96 per session, and now 3 sessions are priced at only RM268 instead of RM288.

I'm nervous upon entering the brightly-lit treatment room, but my kind therapist gives me an eye cover, scented with lavender aroma to soothe my mind and relax my body. During the process, she keeps up to her professionalism while I'm so into chatting all the way with her, realizing the pain is just like a small insect bite. And the process takes only half to one hour, efficient yet effective! 

Waxing is no longer a new thing for females, but if you do not know, most places use one type of wax which is said to be 'suitable for all skin types', but how am I supposed to know whether my skin is too soft or too sensitive to bear with the painstaking wax? 

But, Furless carries very specialized, imported waxes that cater to individual skin.

From left:
Green: It is initially blue, before melted. For long coarse hairs to lighten the pain of hair removal.
Orange: For sensitive skin to ease redness and irritation.
Peach: For short hair to make sure even the shortest stubbles are removed.

Girls, don't worry and just go for it, because they have their quality and professionalism guaranteed! Oh hey wait, did I mention that guys with heavy hair on both arms and legs can go for the treatment at Furless too! 

Immediately after waxing, the therapist applies soothing gel to give a cooling sensation and smoother the skin. Lol, I'm still skeptical because of the visible redness on the treated area, so I ask for an additional moisturizer for better healing.

True enough, 15 minutes later, I feel nothing at all! Up to today, I'm now feeling great with my body, so clean and comfortable. Yes, smile! And confidence gained!

Thanks to Furless, waxing is now less painful, more hygienic and more comfortable!

Here's the price list, of any area you're interested in.

Furless is more than just beauty, it's about confidence, it's about being free of fear.
Be furless, be fearless!

Wanted to try their professional service?
Mention my blog, ohfishiee.blogspot.com 
and you'll be entitled for 50% discount for the first session. 

21-M, Block B,
Jaya One,
72A, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7931 7326
Email: customerservice@furlesswaxing.com 
Website: www.furlesswaxing.com 
Facebook: fb.com/befurless
Operating Hours: 10am to 8pm daily


  1. Go once...and will be furless forever?

  2. o boy.. went to a wrong post today..

  3. Interesting post, Fish!

    I always wonder how it feels removing hair down there... hehehe :P

  4. Permanent hair removal? I would like it.

  5. What a great and different post! Looks like an interesting spa.

  6. Pretty cool stuff! Nice one, Fish!

  7. i would love to try but still need to gather some courage first :/

  8. The wax look like food to me haha. Like the name so much Furless, Fearless.

  9. HHHmmmmm...this is very interesting wor...

  10. Waxing is nothing new to me but not the 'Golden Triangle' area. Maybe should give it a try, at least once in a life time :)

    So Fish, any limited time for the 50% off cause really need to be 'prepared'

  11. Wow, u tried the golden triangle area? is it painful?? and its permanent ke?

  12. heh heh, at first I thought food post lah......ha ha ha!

  13. Interesting! So will it be permanent or do you have to go back again and again? : D

  14. That's why I never had a chance of wearing bikini...I scare of pain la.hahahahhah

  15. interesting new post... if they have a branch here in the Philippines pls let me know

  16. I remember Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality .. hmm...

  17. You're so brave! Have to gather up enough courage to do it!


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