17 August, 2012

Chee Cheong Fun @ Section 14, PJ

Speaking about Chee Cheong Fun, the traditional Chinese rice roll, there are many stories told in Malaysia. 

Some enjoy chee cheong fun with Yong Tau Foo, which comes with fish balls and fish-stuffed vegetables, while others prefer Hong Kong chee cheong fun stuffed with BBQ Pork ("Char Siew") or Prawns.  

For more exotic ones, we have the one from Teluk Intan, the rice roll with potatoes and minced meat. In Penang, I have tried the plain rice flour sheet with thick shrimp paste ("Har Gou").

Yet, nothing can beat this most basic, legendary Chee Cheong Fun stall at SS14/20. You may wonder what makes this uncle's chee cheong fun so popular that it is featured in newspaper articles and blogs for countless times. 

The secret here is the hand-rolled rice flour. I was very taken with its smooth, silky texture of the rice rolls, unveiling bits of poached dried prawns. Every bite of it reveals his hard work everyday--- From waking up as early as 3am to make the rice sheets, then start selling around 7am until the noodles run out before 9am!

But of course humans need rest, and this old man closes his stall on Mondays.

Served with a combination of chilli sauce and brown sweet sauce, a sprinkle of toasted sesame further enhances the taste of rice rolls. Some may prefer a twist of sourness from the green pickled chillies too. I'm amazed that such simple dish tastes so heavenly!

During weekends, I have to even fight with the aunties who buy packets and packets of this! 

A typical light breakfast has a long story behind, 
so here goes my advice to all of you who want to try, 
  1. Reach there before 8am (To avoid long queues)
  2. Don't drop by after 9am (By then it is closed)
  3. Have the first mouthful without sauce (You'll 'taste' how good it is)
  4. Then add only the sweet sauce (For another layer of flavour)
  5. Lastly with the chilli sauce (If you'd love some tickling flavours)

1. At only RM2.50, I enjoy the most distinctive plain Chee Cheong Fun!
2. Personally, I think the brown sweet sauce is where the secret lies. Highly recommended to dip into the sweet sauce alone and you'll definitely not be disappointed.
3. Recommended? Yes, surely. Probably the best in PJ.

Chee Cheong Fun Stall 
Hai Keng Coffee Shop
Jalan 14/20,
Section 14, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operating Hours: 6.30am to 9am (Closed on Mondays)


  1. ohhh section 14 lol . . . I thought ss14 > . <

  2. Wah very detailed advices!! Hehe.. Yummy CCF!

  3. Went to Paramount SEA Park that day - they do it Penang style there - with prawn paste but I did not have that this time around. Had it the last time I was there many years ago.

  4. ooo, looks very well-made. i normally prefer the thinner, HK dim-sum style CCF though!

  5. Closed by 9am? Wow this must be some good CCF!

  6. I still prefer the HK chee cheong fun more (:

  7. That's an early closing time!

  8. Chee Cheong Fun that comes with fishball, fish stuffed vege and so on? That sounds special. And, it seems 'thinner' than what I always eat in Penang.

  9. I like mine with sesame oil and soy sauce, plain~~

  10. I preer the Dim Sum kind with soy sauce...

  11. Melaka's CCF also like that. Can opt to add yam if you want too. But this stall quite far. Next time go there, tapau for me la..hehe. :D


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