16 August, 2012

Kampung Sightseeing & River Cruise @ Pulai Desaru, Johor

#1 A Trip to Truly Malaysian Kampung 

During my 2 days 1 night stay at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, I was overwhelmed with the excellent hospitality provided by the hotel staff. My friends and I were toured around Desaru for the whole day, with a  very detailed tourguide to explain the places one by one to us. 

#2 Pondok Atap Rumbia (Palm Attap Hut)

An hour before lunch, we departed from the resort to this Rumah Tok Penghulu (Village man's House) for something different from our usual buffets--- that is the simple yet delicious authentic home-cooked village dishes!

The place is quite airy with shades, and no air-conditioners are needed unlike how we normally do. We were sat on the mat, and began our prayers before proceeding to the lunch. "Make sure you wash your hands properly", said the villageman, because we were going to eat using bare hands!

The 5 main traditional dishes along with some banana fritters as dessert are indeed satisfying with a bowlful of rice. As good food comes with great companions, our lunch is merrier with laughter and chats.

#3 Fresh Juicy Rose Apples

The tour was initially coupled with a trip to the rubber estate to experience how rubber is tapped from scratch, but was then cancelled due to the weather change. It was kinda disappointing because being grown in the city, I have not seen a real rubber tree before, but well I know there is always another chance. 

#4 Sungai Lebam River Cruise

After tea break around 5pm, we had a relaxing boat ride cruise along the Sungai Lebam tidal river, exploring the wonders of the mangroves while observing wild monkeys and birds of the forest and sea.

Here's a picture of our cruise, two storeys made of wood, able to accommodate at least 30 people.

During the day, we can clearly enjoy a scenic mangrove swamp, while at night around 9pm, we were brought to this place again for the Fireflies Tour. It was great to see thousands of glowing fireflies on the trees! 

#5 Floating Restaurant at Bujang Firefly Desaru 

If I were to stay at the resort for another day, I'd consider joining other Desaru tours and excursions such as:
  • Fruit Farm Tour 
  • Nelayan Tanjung Balau Museum
  • Ostrich Farm
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Kota Johor Lama Museum

If you choose to stay within the resort, then there are many water activities that may interest you too!

Seasport Activities:
  1. Jet Ski (Single / Twin / Family)
  2. Banana Boat Ride
  3. Canoe / Kayak
  4. Fishing Rod with Baits
  5. Snorkeling Trip by Boat
  6. Boat Ride along the Coast
  7. Fishing Boat with Canopy

Frankly, I am surprised that there are so many tourist attractions around Desaru Beach. It's indeed a good time for me to escape from the hectic city and enjoy the beauty of nature.

For more information, kindly contact their Sports and Recreation Desk.

1. Great place for family holiday escapade!
2. Recommended for city dwellers to unwind and live with the nature.
3. Besides eco-tourism, I personally think it's a great idea to hop over to Singapore for more excitements :)

Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa
P.O Box 29,
Bandar Penawar,
81900 Kota Tinggi,
Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: 607-822 2222 
Fax: 607-822 2223
Website: www.pulaigroup.com
Facebook: fb.com/pulaidesaru

Note: This is a sponsored trip by Pulai Group.


  1. Wow! I bet many city kids have never seen a real kampung house before. This is a great experience!

  2. Ah hah! You went with Merryn eh? I'm really tempted to go there. Thanks to you guys. ;P

  3. wow a nice get a way ... away from the city :)

  4. Wow, a very serene and relaxing place! Free from the hustle and bustle of city life!

  5. This is interesting! Very kampung2 style oh..and eat using bare hands might quite challenging for me. LOL.

  6. Malaysia is truly beautiful... =)

  7. A great activity for kids to explore the real kampung~

  8. I didnt know there is so much to do and see over there. Maybe one of these days will heads over there

  9. Oooo...I would love to enjoy that kampung-style meal but unfortunately, I dunno how to eat with my hands. LOL!!!

  10. Ooi!!! Those are rose apples lah...what pink guava? Pink guava's probably guava, green outside and pink inside, not the same.

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  12. I saw Crocodile Farm. O.O ReallY?

  13. Awesome trip and experience weh!

  14. the fireflies tour seems like it could be fun! :D

  15. arhh! fireflies eh!! i want to go too!

  16. Hey, that's so fun! I haven't really been to a kampong, so this would be a great experience for me too.

  17. Once in a while it's good to go back to the nature, appreciating what mother nature gave us (:

  18. What a great little tour!

  19. Looks like an interesting tour...away from the busy city! =)

  20. Very nice experience of the rumah kaki tinggi. I never see the real one before.

  21. A relaxing and peaceful trip away from the hustle bustle city.


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