31 August, 2012

Hui Lau Shan (許留山) Healthy Dessert @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

#1 Welcome to the Heaven of Mango! 

Hui Lau Shan is introduced in Malaysia since May 2012, and I am tempted to try when I first heard about how awesome their mango desserts are!

#2 Expanded Kiosk @ Pavilion KL

It has recently opened its 4th outlet at Pavilion KL, around July 2012, and expanded to Gurney Plaza @ Penang, and more to come in near future! 

 #3 Healthy Concept in the Menu

Initially, the chain was selling only herbal jelly and teas in 1960s. Later, fresh fruits and juices were added to the menu. Now, their signature items are revolving around mangoes including fruit dessert, stewed dessert, fruitiest jelly, mango mochi, curry combo and signature sauce radish cake. 

 #4 Philippines VS Thailand Mango

The mangoes are air-flown every alternate days from Philippines to produce the freshest, best quality mango desserts. Unlike Thailand mangoes, the King of Fruit in Phillipines is so famous as its ripe, unpeeled mangoes give off a very distinctive resinous, sweet smell.

#5 Signature Curry Combo (咖喱什锦) @ RM7.90 

We fill the stomach with something savoury first. Similarly served in Hong Kong & China, but the curry in Malaysia is stronger and localized with flavours of spices but not spicy and throat-choking. 

What makes it special here is the use of daikon radish (白萝卜). It is a welcome change instead of the usual potatoes, because it imparts sweetness into the curry when cooked for long hours. Paired with healthy radish, there are dried beancurds (Tau Fu Pok 豆腐卜) and cuttlefish to lift up the overall taste.

#6 Spicy Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings (香辣瑞士雞翼) @ RM4.90

Comes in 2 pieces, the tender chicken meat is lightly sweet and savoury at the first mouthful. Going down the throat, it burst with sharp spicy flavour which keeps me going for more.

 #7 Double Delight Sweetie Ball (糖不甩) @ RM4.90 

After the savoury dishes, first on the dessert list is Chinese glutinous rice balls (Tong Yuen 汤圆). Each is bouncy and chewy without being softened after some time upon serving. Just great to dip it with sweet crunchy crushed peanuts and sesames.

#8 Fresh Mango Mochi (芒果糯米糍) @ RM4.90 

For 3 pieces, the legendary Mango Mochi which sold like hot cakes is only a fraction of the price of Mochi Sweets! Definitely a healthier, economical choice for fresh bouncy mochi.

Cut into half, I can taste the natural sweetness from the real mango chunk inside. 
The outer coconut shave is a nice addition to reduce the gumminess of the skin.

#9 Supreme Coconut Stewed Bird’s Nest with Harsmar (Hot/Cold)
 (燕窝椰皇炖雪蛤- 冻/热) @ RM22.90  

The luxurious dessert tastes as good as it looks. The bird's nest is silky smooth and very light in sweetness. Simply soothing for the body when I have it warm. 

#10 Fresh Papaya with Harsmar and Coconut Milk 
(原只木瓜雪蛤膏) @ RM11.90 

I enjoy the lovely presentation of the dessert which allows me to sip through the light coconut milk while scooping the real papaya fruit. The crunchy coconut flesh adds better texture to this warm yet cooling dessert. 

#11 Stewed Papaya with White Fungus and Almonds (Hot/Cold) 
(南北杏雪耳木瓜-冻/热) @ RM8.90

Next is a traditional Chinese dessert which is best served hot to enjoy the beauty benefits. Unfortunately, if the chef could have been a little more generous with rock sugar, then it could be a winning taste. 

#12 Mango Fiesta (芒果小盛宴) @ RM12.90 

Here comes the long-waited house specialty Mango Mania Series. The trio combination is great for sharing, especially when you want to try a few varieties at one go.

 #13 Mango Fiesta Combo: 
Left:  Icy Mango with Coconut Flesh (多芒撈河)
Right: Mango Icy Sweetie Ball ( 芒小丸子) 

The first two selections in the combo are available separately in the menu at RM9.90 and RM11.90 respectively. The one on the left has a rich, compact scoop of mango sorbet, while the other is more like ice blended beverage. Taste wise, it is pretty similar but the texture determines which to go for.

  #14 Mango Fiesta Combo: 
Mango Ice Cream Sandwich

For me, serving my favourite ice cream between layers of crushed biscuits is thumbs up. Along with the crunchy cookie crumbs, it tastes strongly of vanilla soft serve and rich mango bits. Well, who doesn't love ice cream? 

 #15 Sweetie Ball Mango Romance (芒之恋) @ RM12.90

If you're not a fan of ice cream, here's another signature truly mango combination to sink your teeth in. Mango lovers would have a great time with this platter of dessert! 

#16 Fresh Fruitties Sweetie Ball with Double Juices 
(芒果鸳鸯捞丸子) @ RM14.90 

Great option for those who don't enjoy much of mangoes, the mixed fruit platter is just as tasty and healthy. I find the juices quite unique as the mango juice is deep in flavour without overwhelming the light unsweetened watermelon juice.

#17 Special: Double Fruit Juices

What makes this dessert a star is its freshly blended juices, where you can choose from a wide varieties such as Coconut, Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Papaya apart from the signature Mango & Watermelon fruit juices. 

#18 Fresh Fruitties Icy Double Juices (什果双捞) @ RM11.90 

This gelato-like fruity ice is more delightful for me than the juices, although it only comes in only two flavours--- coconut and mango. Soft and creamy inside, it melts in the mouth with a very refreshing taste! 

#19 Golden Pinky Sweetie Ball (金粉捞丸子) @ RM11.90 

Wanted to try both juices and ice creams? Then this combination suits you better as the strawberry and mango juices are paired together with a big scoop of mango ice cream. You may enjoy chewing the sweetie balls with soft fruit cuts while waiting for the frozen ice cream to de-freeze. 

#14 Fruity Juices & Ice Blended

Maybe some day I'd drop by for some thirst-quenching drinks before continuing my long shopping day there. Do expect only natural flavours from fruits, because the beverages are quite mild without any added sugar. 

1. Hui Lau Shan has done the best so far on its special mango desserts, in line with its healthy concept of desserts, using 100% real fruits and no sugar/sweetener at all. 
2. Recommended: Mango Mochi, Mango Fiesta Combo, Curry Combo and Chicken Wings
3. The price of most desserts here ranges from RM7.90 to RM14.90, so it's worth giving it a go. 

Hui Lau Shan (許留山) Malaysia
Lot 6.43.00 (Same floor with Tokyo Street)
(At centre court, in front of Al-Amar) 
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-21103313
GPS Coordinates: N 3° 8' 59.9316", E 101° 42' 46.2996"

Visit Hui Lau Shan outlets around Malaysia at:
  • Berjaya Times Square 
  • Cheras Leisure Mall 
  • The Mines 
  • One Utama 
  • Gurney Plaza 
  • ...and more to come!
A must-visit outlet at Hong Kong and China too!

Website: www.hkhls.com
Email: customerservice@hkhls.com
Facebook: fb.com/Hui-Lau-Shan
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

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