23 August, 2012

Tery Pork Cafe @ Kuchai Lama

*wave* Hailing for all pork lovers! 

When the word 'pork' comes into my mind, it reminds me of expensive pork ribs and German pork knuckles. For more affordable choices, I totally have no idea until the foodies bring me over to Tery Pork Cafe.

Recently I have discovered this totally porky cafe, with surprisingly affordable price tags! Little sister to the Southgate Commercial Centre outlet, this Tery Pork branch at Kuchai Entreprenuer's Park retains its 'no-frills non-halal' personality as a cafe serving mainly PORK, with other chicken, fish and lamb options for non-pork partisans. 

Opened its door since early of year 2012, Tery Pork at Kuchai Lama is a double-storey outlet, with its brightly-lit ground floor ready to satisfy your pork craving on a casual dining. Whereas the upper storey plays a host for parties with karaoke singing facilities. 

To my surprise, a porky restaurant can have such an extensive menu, with flavours from the West and East, ranging from:
  • Soup(汤类) 
  • Salad Treat (前菜) 
  • Local Delight (本地色彩) 
  • Sandwiches & Burgers (三文治与汉堡) 
  • Lunch Menu (午餐) - Only available at Southgate's outlet 
  • Pasta (风味意粉) 
  • Tery Chef Specialties (主厨特选) 
  • Pizza(猪G皮萨) 
  • Green Curry (青加哩) 
  • Side Snack (零食) 
  • Ice Blended (冰沙与饮料) 
  • Fruits Tea (果茶)

#1 Freshly Green Salad with Sliced Pork Streaky 
(绿色菜拼熏腩肉) @ RM10.90

The healthy salad comes with a choice of Goma (Sesame) Dressing or Balsamic Vinaigrette. More Japanese-inclined, we chose the former one and it tasted great for me as I paid attention on the little touches of tangy sweetness with the soft fatty pork streak. 

#2 Back Ribs 
(助骨排) @ RM35.00

If you'd love to taste on truly lean pork meat with minimal fat, the chef's signature back ribs would definitely top your choice. The ribs were nicely done with a superb smoky taste. The sauce, mash and veggies were nice additions. 

  #3 Baby Back Ribs 
(软助骨排) @ RM38.00

Both ribs are equally good, but if I were to choose the better one, I'd opt for baby back ribs as the meat is more tender, juicier and of better texture with some chewy soft bones. 

#4 Pork Shoulder Steak 
(猪颈肉扒) @ RM25.00

Served on a bed of crinkle cut French fries in black pepper gravy, the pork shoulder steak tasted as good as it looked. The meat was well-balanced between lean and slightly fat layers, all so fresh and well-cooked. It was even better to have chilli sauce and honey mustard dips to keep the flavours going.

#5 West East Sausages with Streaky Platter 
(东西煎肠一族) @ RM25.00

For the sausage platter, it is a fusion dish comprising of one smaller Asian sweet sausage and 2 huge sausages from the West--- one richer and more peppery than another. Thumbs up to the mashed potato which is smashed from a whole, creating a smooth texture with chunky bits in it. 

#6 Crispy Thin Pizza with Roasted Pork and Minced Meat 
(烧腩肉碎卜脆饼) @ RM9.90

For me, serving the thin crust pizza was thumbs up. It felt like I was having crispy crackers with savory pork stuffings. For those who go a little adventurous, you may try the spicy versions out of 6 types of pizza in the menu.

#7 Stone Bowl of Salted Fish and Belly Rice 
(锅旦花腩咸鱼饭) @ RM9.90

My first thought when this was served to me was how large the portion was! The hot stone bowl of rice had won hands down with its strong aroma wafting in the air and perfectly balanced flavours despite of using many rich-in-taste ingredients.

#8 Stone Bowl of Ginger Sausage Rice 
(锅旦腊肠姜饭) @ RM9.90

Very similar to Korean Bibimbap, the use of hot stone bowl was a refreshing change from the usual plate of Chinese sausage fried rice. Here the rice was soft and smooth when paired with raw egg, and went a little crusty at the bottom of the bowl.

#9 Ramen Braised Pork Shoulder Meat 
(猪颈嫩肉炆拉面) @ RM10.90

Next on the menu was the slices of braised pork shoulder, which was served on top of a bed of springy ramen, and garnished with fried onions, making for a delightful combination of textures. Again, the pork shoulder had stole the show with its chewy charred taste.

#10 Ramen with Braised Pork Rib and Bacon 
(加厚炆排卤熏肉片拉面) @ RM13.90

It was actually a Chinese-styled noodle dish which uses Chinese Hakka Mee, so thin and springy enough to tease your palate. But the rib and bacon were definitely a better option to shoulder meat, as it came with a crispy exterior and soft inside. 

#11 Pork Rib Rendang with Rice 
(冷当助排骨饭) @ RM11.90

For truly Malaysian dishes, you shouldn't miss the rib in creamy rendang curry, together with a sunny side-up egg, cracker, veggies and a bowlful of rice. I'd definitely appreciate a more generous helping of the rendang as it was merely a dollop to cover the pork. 

#12 Green Curry Pork Shoulder Ramen 
(猪颈肉碎青加哩拉面) @ RM9.90

The green curry was just acceptable as it was too peppery and pungent for my liking. However, the fresh pork shoulder did help it noticeably. 

#13 Pork Meatball Spaghetti 
(肉丸意通粉) @ RM12.90

No major complaints about this dish, but a richer and thicker tomato sauce could have livened it up. Nevertheless, I was satiated with the bouncy pork meatballs, so moist and tender. 

#14 Spaghetti with Pork Sweet Sausages 
(猪甜香肠意通粉) @ RM10.90 

In the non-spicy aglio olio style, the chef had created an unique combination of pasta and sweet Thai sausages, sprinkled with cheese powder. This was only good for people with a sweet tooth, or for sharing because the sweetness of the dish did slightly overwhelm your palate.

 #15 Chocolate Lava Cake

The cafe does not offer any dessert or pastry, but we were fortunate to have a small gathering with the owner, Mr. Fong, while indulging in this sinful molten lava cake.

 #16 Karaoke Facilities

Did I not mention that the second floor of this outlet boasts karaoke facilities in addition to a roomier space for birthday parties and small soirees?

#17 Left: Earl Grey Passion Fruits (百香果普洱茶) @ RM4.50
Right: Yam Taro Ice Blended (芋头冰沙) @ RM5.50

Besides freshly brewed coffee, Tery Pork also offers a wide array of fruity concoction. Both ice blended beverages are rich with real fruit flavour, so refreshing and chilling! Alternatively, beers are great for parties here.

#18 Back: 
(Left) Earl Grey Milk Tea (普洱奶茶) @ RM4.50
(Right) Blueberries Green Tea (蓝莓绿茶) @ RM4.50 
Front: Vanilla Dragon (龙果) @ RM5.50


1. I'm truly amazed with the fusion food here, cooked in Chinese methods while using Japanese condiments and finally presented in Western style. 
2. Recommended: Baby Back Ribs, Sausage Platter and Stone Bowl of Salted Fish and Belly Rice
3. Pricewise, you'd find value for money at Tery Pork, considering the high quality fresh pork used.

Tery Pork
No. 38, Jalan Kuchai Maju 10, 
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 
58200 Kuchai Lama, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7982 3188

Facebook: fb.com/Tery-Pork

Main Outlet
Tery Pork
C-1-6, Level 1, Block C 
Pusat Komersial Southgate 
No. 2, Jalan Dua, 
Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, 
55200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9226 0216
(Comes with delivery service from Food Panda)

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