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22 August, 2012

V One Concept Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

The location of the evening is a conceptual restaurant, with the fiery red Ferrari car at their main entrance. 

The main concept of the restaurant is each man's favourite wife, the brilliant red Ferrari sports car.

The place comprises of all black and red furniture; it's such a cool combination eh? 

To place an order or call for the waiter, just press the honk and a loud sound would be released. Not to forget, this restaurant uses iPad as part of their ordering system, just like how it works at Sakae Sushi.

#1 Mineral Water @ RM 3.00

Plain Spritzer water costs so much these days.

#2 House Specialty Burger @ RM 22.00

The portion of the burger is huge, so my advice is, finish the burger before eating the fries. 

#3 Classic Hotdog @ RM 8.00

It looks more like coney hotdog to me and quite aromatic when served hot. 

#4 Fish Sandwich @ RM 13.00

The fish fillet is not crispy as expected and the tartar sauce tastes very bland. And my next best alternative is to keep dipping every bite into chilli sauce to add more flavour.

#5 House Sandwich @ RM 15.00

The bottom layer is filled with tomato slices, vegetables and bun, while it is topped with a piece of chicken breast and slices of egg with mayonnaise. The sandwich would satisfy me if the texture of the chicken meat can be more easily chewed and swallowed. 

#6 Chilli Pasta with Carbonara Cheese Chicken @ RM 24.00

The black olive combines well with the carbonara sauce, but this chilli pasta is quite spicy. 
Suitable for those who opt to go adventurous on the flavours!

#7 Spaghetti Carbonara with Teriyaki Chicken @ RM 23.00

Among all, so far this tastes the best! The teriyaki chicken, slices of ham, black olive and carbonara sauce make a perfect combination. What satisfies me is that the sauce is neither too watery nor too thick, it's just right in terms of texture and taste. 

#8 Fish and Chips @ RM 21.90

With the crispy texture, the deep-fried fish fillet is best served with lemon, but it's too oily for me. 

#9 Black Pepper Chicken Chop @ RM 23.00 

The black pepper chicken chop arrives at the dining table without any black pepper sauce. I think the chicken chop is already seasoned with black pepper upon marinating.

#10 Cheese Chicken @ RM 29.90

This is the most expensive dish among all, but the taste is only above average. The cheese is filled inside the chicken but the chef failed to serve it with the melted cheese oozing out from the chicken cutlers.

Don't fancy any of the above?
No worries, there's oriental meal in the menu too! 

#11 Baked Cheese Rice with Chicken @ RM 25.90

This bucket of rice makes me think of Kim Gary or Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, the two famous Hong Kong styled outlets around Malaysia. These two restaurants will charge a maximum of RM 20 for this dish, but V1 charges a price above the normal ones without any specialness in the dish.

Hmm, I wonder how much does this "car" cost.

This is displayed in front of the main entrance of the restaurant. Not only one is parked there, but two! If you notice, there's another similar model parked behind this one. Well, people do get bored of black and red eventually; I wish they can change their car display into Bumblebee one day! 

1. I stick to my belief--- A concept restaurant always has a great, attractive concept but without any good food.
2. The taste of the food is just average and I personally dislike the racing car seats for the diners too.
3. First time visiting? Yes, out of curiosity. Revisit? Sorry, but no.

V1 Concept Restaurant
No. 66 and 68, 
Jalan Puteri 2/4,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 
47100 Selangor.
Contact: 603-8063 8775 or 603-8063 8079
Website: V1 Official site

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday : 4.30pm to 2am
Saturday to Sunday : 4.30pm to 2am


  1. i love the idea of honking! haha but id think twice about doing it because im shy and dont really want ppl to look at me when i do that. hahaha. Seriously yummy looking food, esp the burger! did u try all those? ur sooo lucky to keep getting invited for these food reviews.

    1. Hi Coffee Girl, I just took some pictures with the car, didn't dare to get into it though. The food is just average, but the burger is nice :) by the way, this is not an invited food review. I paid to dine there, hehe

  2. looks like a cool place for teenagers to hang out though! even though i'm not really a fan of cars, it's interesting to see this decor :D

    1. Hi Sean, I have to agree that it looks really trendy, definitely a good place to drink :)

  3. wow...very nice concept! I see the food looks quite normal...abit pricey though.

    1. Hi Melissa, that's exactly what I thought too :) Nice place to drink, but not to eat

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Choi Yen, yes it's a real one, functioning and will be replaced with more trendy ones from time to time :)

  5. Yum the burger looks really good... craving for it now.

  6. I've passed this restaurant before but was not interested to dine in there. Although the car was attractive but I didn't like that the restaurant was too dark.

  7. this place look great... yummy....

  8. Wow Puchong seems like having more and more food to try with ~ =D

  9. that "long" car I heard it appears there every night lol :X


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