08 September, 2012

The Sifu of Mooncakes: Authentic Mooncakes by Resorts World Genting

This year's Mid Autumn Festival is a little different for me. Now many people haven't started buying mooncakes yet, but my family has already finished eating 8 pieces (for breakfast, tea time, etc...lol) and there are more to go! 

Since it is a once-in-a-year thing, no matter how jelak we are towards mooncakes, my family still keeps the tradition of getting mooncake from Genting, because they have a lot of God of Fortune (财神爷) cookies!

#1 Money God Cookie 2011 (财神爷)

This was what I had last year: Instead of those piggy mooncake in colorful cages (猪笼饼) as a symbol of Abundance, Genting has mini god of fortune cookie (财神爷) reminiscing Wealth. It is baked into golden brown perfection with very soft biscuit-like texture.

#2 Money God Cookie 2012 (财神爷)

This year it looks much lighter in color, and the dough has a tougher, crunchier texture. Different recipe maybe? But one thing I'm sure has changed is the Resort World Genting logo this year as compared to the Genting Berhad logo in previous years.

 #3 Green Tea Lotus Paste Mooncake (绿茶莲蓉月饼)

I love the mould of Genting mooncake, with the happy face of God of Fortune welcoming you to the casino. It looks quite cute to me, and the elder generation especially love the $$$ symbolism.

Call me conservative, I still prefer the traditionally baked lotus paste mooncake than any other flavour. 
I find it more original, and this green tea-infused version is slightly less sweet than usual, suits my liking!

#4 Snow Skin with Kiwi Fruit Paste 

This year the innovative snow skin kiwi paste takes the center stage, with the refreshing fruity flavour, and snowy melt-in-the-mouth white skin. I find the list of flavours very interesting too, here are some that caught my eyes:

#5 White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame Yolk

#6 White Lotus Paste with Ginseng and Red Dates

 #7 Sweet Corn Paste with Chestnut @ RM11.50

They have DURIAN mooncakes as well! How could I miss this when I was up at Genting Highlands. Fret not, luckily the mooncakes are also available at One Hub, Wisma Genting along Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur!

If you realise, the price is slightly lower than the commercial brands in the supermarkets. Honestly, it is worth every penny you pay! :)

Tell me more how's your plan for Mooncake Festival! 
Do you celebrate with tonnes of mooncakes like me? :P


  1. i love snow skin mooncake cos they are less sweet and oily compared to those normal mooncake!

    this year i get to spend it with family! cos i will be homed for a friend wedding :D

  2. oh they look yummy... I wanna try the one with Kiwi :)

  3. Gimme 5 Bananaz is also very the 'old horse' who prefers the traditional ones. Cant resist eating my very first mixed nuts mooncake last night for supper ;).

  4. never tasted any but it seems so delicious

  5. So fast, its the mooncake festival soon! I wanna try all if possible, haha!

  6. wow, the monkey god versions looks cool!

  7. Wow. So many moon cakes, I shall buy some moon cakes for this year.


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