06 October, 2012

Old Western Cowboy Steak House @ Desa Petaling

Located very near to S.Park Desa Petaling where a Giant shopping centre and MBO cinema are situated in, I did not realise that this Old Western Cowboy Steak House has already been in the neighbourhood for many years.

#1 Left: Watermelon Juice (Large) @ RM7.00
Right: Lime Plum (Regular) @ RM3.50 

The drinks come in a gigantic size which costs double from the usual ones. If you want to have a drink with your friends, a large one can last you for hours of chattering.

 #2 Cheese Chicken Chop @ RM13.80

This is my virgin visit to Cowboy Steak House, and I'm pretty surprised that the chicken chop is pretty good with fluffy meat and the oozing cheese on top of it. Of course, the cheese is not as flavourful and creamy as I've expected.

They're served hot from the kitchen; Most ingredients are fresh with an acceptable taste. 

#4 Black Pepper Lamb Chop @ RM16.80

Honestly, I've never seen lamb chops at a price of below RM20! Despite of the affordable price, the lamb is well-done and tastes good in the thick black pepper sauce. It is not overly peppery and just right in terms of taste.

#5 Sizzling Fish and Chips @ RM14.80

The fish is served with fresh corns and beans instead of coleslaw, with an abundance of creamy mushroom sauce, although it is without mushroom chunks here. The portion is acceptable for an average person, which is well-matched with the price.

#6 Fruit Salad @ RM5.50

Served on a small platter, the mixed fruits salad comprises of lychee, apple, mango, honeydew and watermelon. You can easily finish this within 5 minutes, because of the very small portion served.

  #7 Mango Salad @ RM5.50

The mango salad is a wrong choice, because it has only 5 slices of mango, and some fresh vegetables.  And the thousand island is too much and overly fattening for a healthy salad plate.

1. The price is stunning! Overly cheap, in my opinion.
2. Nothing to say about quality, because it is below rating. 
3. Good for normal dinner or chit-chat if you stay around nearby.

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