05 October, 2012

Friday Fashion: Midnight Prom Dress

"Wake me up when September ends", that's when the tough exam month finally ends and I'm more than excited to welcome the arrival of October! 

October is full of excitement, isn't it? Oktoberfest is on the go (I'll be blogging about it real soon!). Short vacation is coming towards my way, and parties are just never-ending! 

BUT...I didn't have time in whole September to buy myself a dress for the party :( 
Thank goodness, Whitesoot did a great helping hand with its wide selection of chio dresses. 

So I had this Flare Prom Dress with Contrast Ruffled Trim for only RM55! What a great bargain.  Order today, pay tomorrow and receive it on the day after tomorrow. Now I am used to doing last-minute shopping because I know Whitesoot will not disappoint me ^____^ Everything is just an order away! 

Tell me the midnight blue color is sweet or not!!! 
I personally love the pink frill and the attached waist sash, adding a perfect contrast to the dress.

One thing I always love about Whitesoot is, their dresses always have an inner polyester lining,
I would never be afraid of strong wind blowing anymore.

With the string sash, it creates a look of trimmer waist, totally a feminine shape for the effortlessly chic look! Bye bye to my fat tummy when wearing this dress =X

Perfect to match with my hairband color too ^__^
Too bad I don't have any pink bow pumps, else the whole chic lit combination would be awesome. 

Thank you Whitesoot for saving my partying day!

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