29 October, 2012

Scallop-Q (士林干贝烧) Is Now in Malaysia!

Look at the air-flown pearly scallops air-flown from Japan! 
Do you want to snack on them? 

Originated from Taiwan, Scallop Satay is one of the popular street food in Shihlin Night Market. 
Malaysian chicken, beef or lamb satay are common, but where does the seafood go?
Now we can have a NEW unique choice, let's see how does it taste like! 
The first outlet was placed at KL Festival City Mall (Setapak, Kuala Lumpur) in October 2012. And it is currently undergoing expansion around city centre such as Berjaya Times Square and Pavilion KL, as well as to the North at Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall in December 2012. 

#1 Eleven Flavours of Scallops

Comes in 4 pieces on one skewer, there are 11 flavours to choose from. Scallops are grilled fresh in front of customers, and you can get a taste of the hottest, juiciest scallop ever! Soft, chewy and juicy are among the best words to describe it. Leave the dish too long and you'll end up eating squishy crusts.

#2 From Left:
(Brown) French Garlic (法式香蒜)
(With Flakes) Barbecue Bonito (酱烧紫鱼)
(Red) Special Mix (随便) 

One of the chef recommended flavours is the Special Mix. True to its name, it is special because all 10 flavours are combined into one here. It's finger licking good for those who love strong aroma and heavy aftertaste. Miss any of these items and you wouldn't be enjoying the full experience.

I have always hated garlic, but I have to admit its aroma is so irresistibly good! The savoury taste is well-suffused into the scallop without overwhelming its natural sweetness. 

#3 From Left:
(Brown) Lemon Pepper Salt (柠檬椒盐) 
(Green) Japanese Seaweed (日式海苔)
(Red) ScallopQ Special (严选招牌)
(Yellow) Indian Spicy Curry (印度咖喱)
(Black) American Black Pepper (美式胡椒) 

Sprinkled with in-house special recipes, I find the Lemon Pepper Salt is the most unusual topping, so unique that it gives a tangy sweet punch and a lightly salty taste at the edge. Very appetizing to the palate.

#4 From Middle:
Natural Sea Salt (人妻海盐) 
Sour and Spicy Thai Sauce (泰式酸辣)
Wasabi Pepper Salt (小三芥末)

Going basic is sometimes the best, that's why I personally recommend the Natural Sea Salt flavour. Adding a crispy edge to the scallop, I can taste the original flavour and aroma. 

If you'd love some adventure, the spicy Thai sauce gives an extra kick of sourish yet flaming taste. Or a sharp wasabi taste combined with light peppery tinge would be the next best pick-me-up. 

#5 Each Stick (4 pieces) @ RM5.80 

Who say fresh scallops are expensive food?
Now we can have it as a snack, at a very competitive price tag! 

#6 Steady Red Tea @ RM2.90

At ScallopQ, good food comes with soothing beverage. They serve thirst-quenching red tea at a surprisingly low price! The cold sensation gives me an instant relief to the throat along with its reduced sugar level. 

Scallop Q 
SK14F (Second Floor)
In front of Mac City
KL Festival City Mall 
67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur. 


  1. i wana skew those scallop myself at home...weeee!

  2. I want the French Garlic & Salt again and again... :P

  3. I love scallop!!! Must try it one day if I happen to see them..

  4. Scallops, my fave!! *Q* I am drooling already at the pics and thought of those scallops. XD

  5. Oh my!!! The scallop look so good and tasty, I definitely have to try this out~!!

  6. Hmmm...sure would love to try! Scallops! Must be so very nice!

  7. oh my god.. looks good.. price are reasonable too!! =)

  8. thats sool i never seen scallops that way

  9. So many different methods of cooking scallops, must be yummy!

  10. ohmy!! dec!! coming penang?! cant wait! =DDD

  11. My gf would like this, she loves sea-food.

  12. Wah scallops....nice nice......

  13. Wah.. I love boiling soups with scallops!

  14. wa the scallops looks good! I wonder if I can find these at SG

  15. What an awesome restaurant!

  16. wah slurp slurp so many flavours of scallops.

  17. Uhh...something like Taiwan street food. Must be quite yummy...

  18. The size of the scallops are quite big also huh...

  19. wow i would love to munch on that

  20. Thirsty for tea and hungry for scallops!! =D

  21. I'll check this one out. How's the price range though?

  22. All along thought they are expensive but for each stick (4 pieces) @ RM5.80 is OK. Yummy.

  23. I can't believe there are 11 different flavours and they are so reasonably priced. I can imagine this being a very popular place xx

  24. Last week I saw this Scallop-Q at Berjaya Times Square near the cinema when I went for movies.... The scallop really juicy.... The wasabi flavour shiok

  25. Scallop-Q signature is grilling fresh and large scallops which are from Hokkaido, more review at http://malaysiasfood.com/scallop-q/


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