23 October, 2012

Street Cafe @ SS15

When I come across the phrase "Korean Food", my mind automatically thinks of "Korean BBQ" or "Kimchi". Approaching The Street Cafe @ SS15 or @ Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid, I'm quite surprised that how much variety of selections there are that I'm not aware of.

On top of everything, I love the tatami seats for a more private dining experience. The cozy ambiance is enhanced with the warm dim lights and a whole 'street' decoration in the cafe. It's so comfortable that I'd wish to hang out there chatting for hours! 

If you don't like to sit cross-legged, the wooden table setting is comfortable enough with the fluffy cushions. What an unique, casual, and fun dining restaurant!

The wall is full of love notes! Well, it's not exactly about "I Love Korean Food", but most diners express their love of words like "I Love Dong Bang Shin Ki", a famous Korean group of artist. 

How about note of hatred? 
I don't know because I can't read and don't understand what is it written there *finger cross*

 #1 Kimchi Tuna Bibimbab @ RM 13.90

The hot stone bowl of rice is based with Kimchi paste and Korean rice, and then topped with bean sprouts, carrot slices, shiitake mushrooms and large tuna chunks. 

The waiter from Myanmar has mixed the bowl of rice so professionally that each and every bit of rice has the taste of Kimchi. So fragrant and hot, I love the blend of flavours very much.

 #2 Street Style Toboki @ RM7.90

A small serving of sizzling hotpot is perfect as an appetizer or even a main course for light eaters. It consists of rice cake with sweet chilli sauce and sesame. Korean rice cake tastes very much alike with the China white Nian Gao, with the similar thick, chewy texture. However, the sauce tastes a bit like Kimchi but it's a tad too sweet for my liking.

#3 Korean Green Tea  

Speaking of Korean food, I should have opted Korean Ginseng Tea to complement the meal and setting of the restaurant. But luckily each sip of green tea still soothes my mind. 

1. With more than 100 street food selections, the taste is authentic but more localized.
2. Despite of being a Halal restaurant, the chicken, beef and seafood can easily satisfy a pork eater!
3. The price for Korean foodstuff here is so reasonable that I can't find it anywhere else!

The Street Cafe (Subang Outlet) 
28, Jalan SS 15/8, 
47500 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan. 
Contact: 603-5632 9822


  1. Tried once..
    The price is affordable...but too bad..no pork! hahaha...

  2. I went to the Sunway Pyramid branch, very affordable Korean food indeed~

  3. Not too crazy about the decor...and as for the food, will have to try, can't really tell from the photos. I really wonder about those messages on the wall - how some people's minds tick... There are actually people who would take the trouble to write that and put it up. Overseas, all the graffiti (e.g. in the toilets) would be very intelligent, witty and I really enjoy reading all of them - so different from here.

  4. I love eat here.. i been here for plenty o times.. I love the Ramen spicy.. kicking my taste buds, and the bibimbab.. not bad thumbs up!!

  5. I love Street Cafe! I always go to the one in Sunway Pyramid :)

  6. Uh, I guess the writer of the hatred note is possibly venting his frustrations. I know what he means but won't be able to reveal the exact message publicly.

    Not exactly a diehard Korean fan, but I do like Bibambap. I feel like it's the Korean version to the Japanese bento.

  7. quite cheap for Korean food... I ll take the rice cake pls.. :D

  8. the idea of the cafe is so cute!

  9. Very colorful decor!

  10. Can try this, near my home from USJ ! Thanks !

  11. thats cool never seen any restaurant with that nice nice

  12. haha.. funny la the hatred note... btw, this place serves my fav korean Shrimp bibimbap!!!;D


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